I'm a self taught artist specializing in character and mascot design for animation, toys, and most recently video games. Some of my work can be found on the site Chocolatesoop.com, you can also follow me on Twitter to find out what new projects I'm working on.
  • Design & Illustration
    The Making of a Chocolate Bar CharacterPreview
    Thought some of you might like to see my process for designing a character. This one is filled with cocoa love and chocolaty goodness. I'll take the concept from sketch through to vector final. You'll learn the process of making a fun loving character based on a clear concept. Also, a quick warning - you may be overcome by the urge to consume copious amounts of chocolate by reading this, but fortunately it's all part of the creative process.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Make the Vector Character "Cactus King"Design and illustration
    In this tutorial I show how I create a character I've named the "Cactus King." My normal approach to designing is to create a sketch on paper first, scan and then build in digital form. However for this character project I wanted to explore creating in vector right from the get go.Read More…