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    Win Two Tickets to the Hottest Flash Conference Ever!!!Fitc
    FITC Seoul is a one-day flash design event featuring seven of the world’s top designers and developers. Among those scheduled to appear are perennial favorites Joshua Davis and Erik Natkze, creative guru Kyle Cooper (Imaginary Forces), Papervision 3D team member Ralph Hauwert, digital storyteller and creative director Euna Seol (PostVisual.com), and from Adobe Richard Galvan and Marcos Weskamp. Simultaneous translations from English to Korean and Korean to English (for Euna Seol’s presentation) will be provided throughout the event. Read More…
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    How to Get More ReferralsTshirt
    For the full set of lead generation ideas see: 101 Ideas to Get More Freelance Work and Generate New Client Leads Image from iStockPhoto Getting a new lead referred to you by a previous client or friend is probably the single best source of work for most freelancers. Not only do referrals usually happen organically but they tend to start off with a high degree of trust and positive expectation. The downside to referral clients is that most freelancers don't feel any control over where and when it happens. Some months you have lots of new leads and others none at all, seemingly without rhyme or reason. In this article we're going to talk about how to make yourself referable and how to actively encourage those referral leads.Read More…