Craig Snedeker
My name is Craig Snedeker, I am a teenage web developer, computer geek, and future film maker. In my spare time I like to take photos, draw, play video games, eat pizza, and go to school. I am the owner of, the envy of free; I give away tons of freebies I've made, and hope to turn it into a social community website also.
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Where to Get Your Textures - 19 Free Photo Source Sites for CG Artists7
    Finding the perfect photo texture, to get the look of your material juuuuuust the way you like it, can sometimes be a pain. But with the right resources at your disposal, perhaps it might not be quite as difficult, or time consuming, as you once thought. Below is a list of 21 awesome (and free) photo texture sources, that you can use to make your CG artwork that much better! Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Cardboard TexturesPreview
    Texture Resolution: 1700 pixels by 1400 pixelsNo. in set: 3Read More…