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    How To Enhance iTunes with AppleScriptThumb1
    Many people would agree that iTunes is fast becoming (or has already become) bloatware. It has a ridiculous number of features and uses, but not always what we'd consider to be the right ones. You can find out what songs Bruno Mars is particularly enjoying at this time, and yet can’t search YouTube for music videos. Luckily, everybody’s in the same boat, and people have been working tirelessly to create ways for you to make your iTunes work the way you want it to. Today, we’ll be focusing on DougScripts, a site started by Doug Adams a little over 10 years ago in February 2001, which is home to around 500 AppleScript files. These scripts are free to download and easy to install. In this article, we’ll be showing you how to do just that, and showcasing some of Doug’s best work over the past 10 years.Read More…