Connor Turnbull
Connor Turnbull is a part-time writer covering the technology industry and part-time web designer from the United Kingdom. Connor previously wrote for AppStorm where he covered Android and Google news.
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    The Shift: Moving Towards App-Centric User InterfacesThe shift preview
    We recently posted an article on the current shift to tablet browsing's impacts on web design. This is a major shift for the technology industry, but also for web designers who are now being encouraged to consider the tablet platform for compatibility. However, at the same time, there's another shift going on: a transition from mouse-centric interfaces to ones oriented towards apps.Read More…
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    How the iPad (and Tablets) Are Driving New Web Design TrendsPreview
    It's been nearly a year since Apple's tablet device, the iPad, was released to crowds of adoring gadget-lovers. Steve Jobs took a much-appreciated visit to San Francisco recently to unveil the second generation of this device amidst a boatload of Android tablets including Motorola's Xoom and Samsung's Galaxy Tab. These devices are getting into the hands of millions of users and are fast becoming devices with big browsing potential.Read More…
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    Inspirational Roundup! 40 Great Examples of App Site DesignPreview appsite
    Yesterday, we looked at what goes into a great app site by dissecting the design methodology; Today we're following that post up with a roundup of 40 excellent examples of app-site design in action. If you're designing a site for an app (or just about any promotional site), you won't want to miss out on this inspirational roundup!Read More…
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    Getting Started with Fireworks: States and BehaviorsFireworks behaviors
    In this part of the "GSwF" series, we're going to show you how to use Fireworks to setup some basic buttons with their own unique mouse-sensitive states and behaviors. This will add another level of interactivity to your designs, so if you're starting out with Fireworks, you won't want to miss this one!Read More…
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    Getting Started with Fireworks: Using HotspotsFireworks intro to hot spots
    Today we'll be looking at using "Hot Spots", aka the Internal Linking tool, in Fireworks - this awesome little tool allows you to essentially create "links" inside of your Fireworks document that link to Pages in your site, or external URLs. We'll walk you through how to use the basic interface elements for this feature and we'll create a simple project to showcase the various ways you can add hot spots to your own projects.Read More…
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    Getting Started with Fireworks: Intro to Using the Slicing ToolFireworks slicing tool
    Many of us have used the slicing tool in Photoshop at one point or another, so it's easy to dismiss the slicing tool in Fireworks as the same tool. In this video, we're going to take a good hard look at what makes the Fireworks version of this tool so useful to web designers looking to shave off time and filesize from their web design chop jobs!Read More…
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    Web Design Lessons From Across EnvatoWebdesign envato
    WebDesignTuts+ is Envato's own home to web design related tutorials, screencasts and articles. However, across the Tuts+ network, there's a wealth of web-oriented articles. These cover both web design in a specific form (i.e. mobile design on MobileTuts+) and also techniques and technologies that can adversely affect design (such as Adobe Flash vs HTML5 on ActiveTuts+). So sit back and have a browse across the network and maybe discover something you wouldn't normally have seen.Read More…
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    Getting Started with Fireworks: Using Master Pages, Pages, and Web LayersFireworks intro series master pages
    Today we're going to dive into the world of Fireworks by examining some of the basic features that make it different from Photoshop. Specifically, we're going to be using a very basic design to show how Master Pages, Sub-Pages, and Web Layers work to create a complete web design in Fireworks that uses internal file linking. This is a great place to start if you haven't really used Fireworks much before, so let's dig in!Read More…
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    User Experience: Designing Form Validation the Right WayForm validation preview1
    Today, we'll be examining what form validation is and why you, Joe Webdesigner, should care about it. Here's a teaser: it's one of the easiest ways to improve the usability of your designs and most web designers forget about it all the time! We'll also showcase some examples of great form validation design. Read on young grasshoppers... knowledge awaits.Read More…