Connor Turnbull
Connor Turnbull is a part-time writer covering the technology industry and part-time web designer from the United Kingdom. Connor previously wrote for AppStorm where he covered Android and Google news.
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    Basix: Common Mistakes in Web DesignMistakes thumb
    We all make mistakes. It's human nature. However, in the web design industry, many elements can be put in place wrong with only a few tweaks needed to make them stellar. These range from typography to padding, where a single digit can drastically damage your web design. Luckily, once you're able to identify what the most common mistakes are, a few clicks and a few taps on your keyboard can rescue a sinking design. Today, we're going to take a look at some web design mistakes that every designer should watch out for.Read More…
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    10 Tips for Creating Higher Selling ThemesThumb
    Ever wondered what it would be like to sell your own web design templates or WordPress themes? Today we're going to take a look at the "product side" of the web design industry using ThemeForest, our own theme marketplace at Envato, as an example. These tips are specifically for web designers who are trying to sell their designs as products, but these are also ideas that apply to pretty much anyone trying to promote their portfolios or get more exposure!Read More…
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    Is Web Design (As We Know It) Dying?Thumbnail
    The introduction of new standards, new mediums and millions of new web designers means that the face of our humble industry has changed... dramatically. It's no longer about creating a static page with a heading, some text and a couple of images to boot. However, the biggest change to traditional web designers has arrived only in the past year, with the rising popularity of services like WordPress with their plethora of pre-designed themes, and marketplaces like ThemeForest with their one theme, many users strategy; But does that mean that web design as we know it is dying out?Read More…
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    Freelance Gigs vs. Studio Jobs: Which One Works Best For You?Fork thumb
    For web designers, there's pretty much just two types of us: those who work for a studio with others and those who go solo as a freelancer. Each have their perks and downsides - and today we'll be examining the pros and cons of each to help find which one is the right fit for you!Read More…
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    Writing the Perfect Web Design ContractThumbnail
    As your web design projects get bigger and pricier, contracts will become a vital part of your business. For some, having the perfect contract is one of the most important business tools as it determines key factors like price, copyright and the work that's being included in the price. However, some contracts can come off as overcomplicated and can generally lead to frustration and issues down the line. Today, in our continuing monthly series on the "biz of web design", we'll be looking at how to write the perfect web design contract for your own projects.Read More…
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    The Web Designer's Guide to PricingPricing thumbnail
    Hourly rates, flat-rate bids, and overtime... ugh! A web designer's time is not free nor is the software, hardware and effort needed to build websites. When starting out, it can be tempting to offer free projects to build up a portfolio, but that's not a sustainable way of working. If you want work full time as a web designer, it's time to start generating some money! Read More…
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    Finding The Clients and Projects of Your DreamsFinding clients
    Freelance web designers always have the job of finding clients to work with. It's a necessity in order to actually maintain a somewhat constant workflow and to keep busy (which also means keeping your bills paid). Not all clients are created equally though. If you've ever read Clients from Hell, you'll probably realize that there are some clients you might not want to be associated with. Every client is going to come with their own perks and baggage, so how do you find (and land) work with clients that are suited to you? Today, we'll be taking a look.Read More…
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    A Web Designer's Guide to Coding AppsPreview codingapps
    A couple of weeks ago, we ran a reader's poll asking how you code. Nearly 3,000 of you responded and today we're going to take a look at some of the options open to designers. There's several "classes" of development applications that we're going to look at today: complete packages (like Dreamweaver, that have everything under one roof), simpler text editors (like Notepad++ that feature some aspects of Dreamweaver but with a much simpler interface and feature set) and plugins or single workflow editors (like CSSEdit).Read More…
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    Analyzing Groupon's Design: Why So Many Buy InGroupon thumb
    Sites like Groupon and LivingSocial have gained some serious traction in recent times with some raising nearly a billion US dollars in a single investment round. The idea around these "daily deals" sites is sharing, with Groupon's name being a portmanteau of "group coupon". Most are also localized to specific cities and locals with one offer being available per day. Today, we're going to examine how these sites work at the nuts-and-bolts web design level.... and how you can take these tricks and use them in your own projects. Read on all ye web design brethren!Read More…
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    The State of WordPress (and Custom Theme Designs)Thumb
    WordPress is big business. Thousands of web designers build for the popular platform that powers over 25 million blogs (which seems to be an outdated number considering February 2011 numbers suggest WP 3.0 has been downloaded more than 32.5 million times), according to it's official site, including many high profile blogs as well as your current location, the Tuts+ network. Evident through the success of authors at ThemeForest, custom theme design has a major market. The landscape for premium theme design (and development) is constantly changing, especially with the updated releases of the core software behind it.Read More…
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    Web Typography Case Studies: Spring 2011 Edition Preview typography thumb
    Ready for this month’s dose of web design typographic awesomeness? I’ll bet you are! Connor is taking the lead this month with Brandon doing some backup curation - and we've got a list of 17 sites that showcase some of the best typography for you guys n’ gals to check out. This month we even have a special section dedicated to some new(ish) web-based typography and layout tools to make your life a bit easier. Let’s dig in!Read More…
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    How Apple Has Influenced Web Design Over the YearsApple webdesign thumbnail
    Apple is one of the biggest brands in the world and with that popularity comes great influence... Perhaps more than any other company in the world, Apple has played a hugely influential role in the way that products, applications, and websites are designed. In this article, we'll be discussing Apple's overall design style and how it's influenced a bunch of others.Read More…