Cody Jones
Hi guys! My name is Cody and I'm an EDM Producer and musician from the Gold Coast, Australia. I specialize in Electro, Dubstep and Drum n Bass, but I've also played guitar for 6 years and have collected a wide array of useful information about production and mixing, which I hope to share to all of you! Hit me up at or on my soundcloud
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    Creating Filthy Dubstep Growls in FL StudioFilthygrowlspreview400
    Here's a basic introduction on how to make the famous growl basses made famous in genres like Dubstep, DnB and Electro. If you own FL Studio Producer Edition, you should have the tools readily available to make these sounds. If you don’t, you can purchase the separate VST plugins used in this article from Image-Line.Read More…
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    The Basics of EqualizationBasicseq title
    Frequency equalization (often abbreviated to EQ) is the method of shaping an audio source through the attenuation or addition of certain frequencies. While it is one of the most powerful and important tools in an audio engineer’s arsenal, it is also quite enigmatic in the sense that newer producers don’t quite understand exactly what it should be used for, and how it should go about doing the difficult task of cleaning up your mix.Read More…
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    Dubstep Drums - The Process of Processing!Drums cover
    Want to produce clear, punchy drums for Dubstep or some other heavy drum genre? In this half hour screencast Cody Jones takes you through the workflow and sample packs he uses when processing drums in Ableton Live.Read More…
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    A Guide To Creating Screencasts with X-SplitTitle image
    Want to create video content for Tuts+? Or any other website for that matter? This quick tip should help get you started on your road to producing high-quality video tutorials to help educate the masses - using X-Split.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Two Simple Reverb Tricks to Add Life to Your TracksTitle
    Reverberation (or reverb, for short) is a form of feedback that bounces sound waves back from a reflective surface. This emulates an echo effect of sorts, and is often used to liven up things like vocals, snare drums and guitar solos. The power of reverb doesn’t stop there, and there are many ways to emulate unique effects. I’ll show you two in this quick tip – Reverse Tail Reverb and Noise Floor Reverb.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: The Secret to the Electro SnareDrums%20cover
    In this quick tip, Cody Jones shows you how to create the punchy layered snare sound you often hear in modern electro. He uses Ableton Live, but the technique can be used in any DAW.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Create a Talking Bassline in Native Instruments MassiveCover
    This quick tip shows you how to create a talking Dubstep bass synth patch using Native Instruments Masive. Check the video after the jump.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Spice Up Your Builds with Native Instruments MassiveCover2
    This quick tip shows you how to create a rising glitchy synth patch using Native Instruments Masive. Use it to spice up your buildups and breakdowns. Read on for more!Read More…