Clemente Gomez
Hi, my name is Clemente Gomez aka kreativeKING. I am a NYC based Flash AS3 Developer / 3D Artist / Designer. I have been developing in Actionscript 3.0 for about 2 years and have been animating prior to that in 3ds Max and Maya for about 5 years. I freelance part-time and am also an author on FlashDen. I run my personal flash blog where I post custom classes, news and tips at kreativeKING. I am always usually accessible @cg219.
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    Javascript and ActionScript Converse: Introduction to ExternalInterfacePreview
    ActionScript and Javascript. Both of these languages are great on their own, but have you ever wondered what you could do if they could talk with each other? Well you're in luck! That's where the ExternalInterface Class comes into the picture. Follow me as I teach you the basics. Photo by Dave Spellman.Read More…
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    Create an RSS Reader With a Custom XMLLoader ClassPreview
    Those of you who've already downloaded the Flashtuts+ freebie XMLLoader Class 3.0 will know what a handy tool it can be. In this screencast, its author Clemente Gomez will take you through some features of the XMLLoader Class, building a useful multi-RSS reader in the process. Make some time, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy..Read More…
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    XMLLoader Class 3.0Flashtuts logo
    Quickly load and manage Multiple XML files.Read More…