Claudio Ortolina
Claudio works as a full stack developer at New Bamboo in London, where he's been living for two years. His main areas of interest are Ruby, Rails, client side Javascript and [Elixir}(
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    Why Rails?Why rails
    Your choice, when learning a new framework, is an incredibly important one. It takes countless hours and effort to become proficient and learn all the best practices - even for experienced developers. That's why it's necessary to understand the peculiarities of a framework as early as possible, in order to determine if it's the right solution for the problem that you're trying to solve. In this article, I'll cover many of the key areas of the Ruby on Rails framework, and why I feel that it's an excellent choice for web developers.Read More…
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    Building and Testing a Backbone AppBackbone
    In this tutorial, we'll develop a Backbone.js application, while testing it with Jasmine. Not good enough for you? We'll do it all using CoffeeScript. Trifecta!Read More…
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    Gem Creation with BundlerPrev image
    Building a gem used to be a complex task that would require either a precise knowledge of the gem format, itself, or some dedicated tools to generate a suitable boilerplate. These days, we can use the excellent Bundler to remove this complexity and keep the amount of generated code to a minimum.Read More…
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    How to Upload Files with Ease Using DragonFlyCode
    File uploads are generally a tricky area in web development. In this tutorial, we will learn how to use Dragonfly, a powerful Ruby gem that makes it easy and efficient to add any kind of upload functionality to a Rails project.Read More…
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    Writing an API Wrapper in Ruby with TDDApi wrapper for dribbble
    Sooner or later, all developers are required to interact with an API. The most difficult part is always related to reliably testing the code we write, and, as we want to make sure that everything works properly, we continuosly run code that queries the API itself. This process is slow and inefficient, as we can experience network issues and data inconsistencies (the API results may change). Let’s review how we can avoid all of this effort with Ruby.Read More…