CJ Melegrito
CJ Melegrito is an award-winning student, writer and visual designer from Melbourne, Australia.
  • Web Design

    Powerful Static Sites With Cactus for Mac

    1.7 hours
  • Design & Illustration

    Icon Design in Sketch

    1.8 hours
  • Design & Illustration

    Sketch for Beginners

    1.9 hours
  • Web Design
    Art Directed Posts: Blogging, with StyleBws preview
    Ever picked up and read Time Magazine or Wired before? You have? Then you'll be familiar with the fact that each magazine article features its own unique layout, formatting and graphic design that tailor beautifully to the content. Brilliant, right? Not only does this deliver an article's message insightfully, but also gives the reader an aside to look at.Read More…