Ciprian Turcu
I am a 25 year old web and WordPress developer from Romania, former long-term web development freelancer. I like playing the guitar, biking and debating ideas with interesting people.
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    Uploading Pictures via XML-RPC and PHP to WordPressPreview 4
    Let's say you're familiar with the XML-RPC protocol and how it works, even in WordPress, and you've used it before. Adding posts, deleting pages, etc. All is well with text but what happens when you want to send files like pictures to WordPress?Read More…
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    How Compatible Is Your Theme With WordPress?Thumb
    When using WordPress themes, the compatibility and security of the scripts are sometimes taken for granted and ignored by a lot of people. But how sure are you that your third party scripts are compatible 100% with WordPress and secure, with no holes that might expose you?Read More…
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    Building a Dynamic Custom Post Type PluginPreview
    Often, you get to make a choice and decide how you will implement a certain functionality. WordpPress has a pretty flexible approach for almost any problem, and in this tutorial we are going to take a look at how flexible the custom post type API is.Read More…
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    Admin Panel Post Column ManagementThumb
    We will build a plugin to look at using the available filters and hooks to change the admin panel post columns. Add, delete and populate them with content.Read More…
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    Build a Slideshow Plugin for WordPressThumb
    Integrating slideshow functionality into WordPress is a highly required feature for almost any theme, but how hard is it to include and how flexible is it? In this tutorial we are going to, in different ways, include one of the most popular and used jQuery slideshows, Nivo Slider.Read More…
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    Creating an Ajax Countdown Timer WordPress PluginPreview
    Building a WordPress plugin is not that hard, especially when you know what you're doing. Sometimes it can get tricky though when working with multiple scripts, styles, and new functionality that sometimes requires some imagination.Read More…