Christie Shinn
I’m an independent game artist that runs HoraTora Studios. I’ve also done illustration, graphic design in other fields, along with concept/2D work. When I’m not working, I can be found in my Hallway of Doom, brooding about nefarious things and doodling my most current interests - hence the moniker Terriblis Gesserit. Alternatively, I’m out discovering things to take up my free time and amuse me greatly. To see more of my work, here’s my portfolio. To see my most current timeline of pieces and introspective ramblings, you can visit my blog.
  • Game Development
    A Survivor’s Look at the Quest of Getting a Game Art GigQuest for art gig 400px
    All game artists have been there: getting "The Job". It's where we wait in line in some noisy, jam-packed job faire with the huge trade show stalls looming like monoliths, or the small, chambered labrynths of grey rented port-a-offices; where we have to make it through all these ancient puzzles and secrets, only to find that final, terrifying boss to confront before it's ours.Read More…