Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor is a web developer proud to hail from the People's Republic of Yorkshire. By day he wrestles with ASP.NET like a small monkey grappling a hippo. By night he scales Mount PHP like an overweight gazelle. Both day and night he fiddles with JavaScript like a crazed squirrel trying to get into a sealed bag of nuts.
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    ASP.NET for PHP Developers: Part 2Preview
    In part one of the "ASP.NET for PHP Developers" tutorial, we learned the basics of ASP.NET and the C# language. Part two builds on that foundation, and introduces some more advanced features and techniques to take your ASP.NET pages to the next level.Read More…
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    ASP.NET for PHP DevelopersPreview
    This tutorial, for PHP developers, will provide you with an introduction to ASP.NET using the C# language. If you've wondered what ASP.NET is about, this tutorial will strive to answer at least some of your questions. Even if you're an ardent open-source fan, ASP.NET contains some techniques and features that are useful to know about. And, as some might say, it's good to know your enemy! Read More…