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    3 Key Software Principles You Must UnderstandThreeprinciples
    If you're in software development, new techniques, languages and concepts pop up all of the time. We all feel those nagging doubts every now and then: "can I keep up with the changes and stay competitive?" Take a moment, and sum a line from my favourite movie, Casablanca: "The fundamental things apply, as time goes by."Read More…
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    Domain-Driven DesignPreview
    In my country, you won't make it through school without reading how Goethe's Faust complains, I've studied now Philosophy - And Jurisprudence, Medicine, - And even, alas! Theology - All through and through with ardour keen! - Here now I stand, poor fool. Sadly, none of his efforts and studies helped the doctor to perceive whatever holds the world together in its inmost folds. And here we are in IT: We've studied languages and frameworks, libraries and even - alas - the IE! All through and through with ardour keen. But how many times did we focus on whatever holds the application together in its inmost folds? Today's topic is the business domain. Read More…
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    Aspect-Oriented Programming in PHPFlow 3 aspect oriented programming
    There's a new player in town, and he brought new toys: The PHP World welcomes FLOW3, an enterprise application framework written and backed by the community of the TYPO3 CMS. FLOW3 can be used as standalone full-stack framework for your applications. It's interesting, because it introduces some concepts of software development that haven't been adapted to PHP before.Read More…