Chris Kelly
Chris is the Developer/Evangelist at New Relic, makers of web application performance tools. He is an active Rubyist and Open Source advocate. Prior to New Relic, he was the CTO leading an ecommerce platform in the publishing industry. You can follow Chris on twitter at @amateurhuman.
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    Git Tips From the ProsGit and ftp with deploy hq
    You're already using source control for managing your code, right? You might even be using your SCM as the central piece of your workflow, like we do at New Relic. In this article, we're not going to review the basics of source control management, regardless of which one you use. Let's just assume that you already know how to get around. What we are going to cover is how the pros use git. We'll take a look at some of the advanced features and workflows that you might not already be familiar with. Hopefully, you'll walk away with your mouth agape at the sheer possibilities that git provides!Read More…
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    Essential Command-Line Tools for Web DevelopersTerminal for web devs
    Tools can make our workflows feel seamless, allowing us to focus on what we are building, and not worry about the process. Most web developers, on all portions of the stack, work from the command-line. There are countless utilities, which can make you more productive. These aren't full blown command-line applications, such as Git, but rather simple and composable tools, which can improve your workflow as a web developer.Read More…
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    Improve Your App’s Performance with MemcachedPerformance with memcache
    One of the easiest ways to improve your application's performance is by putting a caching solution in front of your database. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to use Memcached with Rails, Django, or Drupal.Read More…
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    3 New Relic Power Features You Should Be Using Today26015
    You already know that New Relic provides deep performance metrics for your Java, .NET, PHP, Python or Ruby application. But are you familiar with the power features that can bring your knowledge about your app to a new level? Don't let the name fool you. While these features have serious power, they are easy to get started with. In this tutorial, I'll get you up and running with three powerful New Relic features you should be using today.Read More…