Chris Karling
I'm Chris from Norway. I like to think of myself as an unlabeled designer. I'll find joy in anything from crayons, and aerosol cans to heavy duty 3D applications. Where there's creativity, there's art. Right now however, I enjoy my job as a GUI designer at Guifx.
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Make a Menu Interface for a Fantasy Themed iPhone GamePreview
    First off, props to Dan Wiersema (my friend and Creative Director at Guifx) for being the brains behind this tutorial. Concept and wireframe were both developed by him. He also helped me iron out the creases in terms of rating my work from beginning to end. In this tutorial, we'll create a main menu interface for a fictional iPhone game. We'll go through setting up Photoshop to accurately display target screen size, setting up a wire frame for the project, creating a background, making a logo, creating rock texture for the sidebar, and wood texture for the saved games-box and buttons. We'll also add creating greenery for detail and good measure. This is gonna be a long one, so patience is a virtue. Also, coffee helps!Read More…