Chris Garrett
Chris Garrett is a freelance writer and new media consultant living in England. While you might have recently seen his writing at Copyblogger, the Blog Herald, Problogger or his own blog,, in fact Chris has been paying his mortgage at least in part by doing "freelance internet stuff" since the early 90's.
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    How to Get Clients to Come to YouCometoyou
    What do you hate most about freelancing? I expect right up there will be either sales or not having enough work. Cold-calling, pitching, struggling to pay bills, worrying if you are doing the right sort of promotion, freelancers have enough stress without all this sales stuff. You can tell when you are doing well with your freelance business, instead of chasing new work, clients come to you. The most successful have to reject work, it seems they are beating customers off with a stick. How do you achieve that dream scenario? In brief: Potential clients need to know you You need a hook Leads are only half the equation; you need to close When you start out you have the greatest challenge. Getting your name known and building a profile should be high on your agenda but this needs to be combined with creating a compelling hook.Read More…