Chris Brauckmuller
I'm the owner and primary designer/developer behind Flourish Web Design, my very own web design studio located in sunny Jacksonville, FL. specializing in illustrated web design. Over the year and a half since I started the company, I've grown to love ExpressionEngine and use it exclusively as my CMS solution. I consider myself somewhat of an EE evangelist.
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    Apply the DRY Principle to Build Websites With ExpressionEngine 2Dry ee
    ExpressionEngine 2 is a wonderful content management system and arguably the most designer-friendly CMS out there, used by many well-known names, like A List Apart, Andy Clarke and Veerle Pieters. Ironically, however, it’s default configuration is poorly suited to use in a professional web development workflow, which usually involves multiple sites, servers, and developers. This tutorial will show you how to customize ExpressionEngine 2 so you can hit the ground running with a rock solid yet flexible starting point that can easily deploy to multiple environments in minutes.Read More…