Chad Hietala
I'm a Frontend Developer currently working at LinkedIn and living in San Francisco. I really enjoy talking about JavaScript and frontend application architecture. Follow me @chadhietala.
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    Ember Components: A Deep DiveEmber components retina preview
    Ember.js is a JavaScript MVC framework that allows developers to create ambitious web applications. Although pure MVC allows a developer to separate concerns, it does not provide you with all the tools and your application will need other constructs. Today, I'm going to talk about one of those constructs. Ember components are essentially sandboxed re-usable chunks of UI. If you are not familiar with Ember, please check out Getting Started With Ember.js or the Let's Learn Ember Course. In this tutorial, we will cover the Web Components specification, learn how to write a component in Ember, talk about composition, explain the difference between an Ember view and an Ember component, and practice integrating plugins with Ember components.Read More…
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    Getting Started with XSL(T)200x200
    In this tutorial, we will adventure into the world of XSL(T) and explain what it is, how to pull data from an XML document, basic iteration and basic login and conditional statements.Read More…