Celine Roque
Celine Roque is a freelance writer. She started freelancing eight years ago and hasn't quite figured out how to stop. Her new website, LoveYourClients.net, is about how freelancers can make their client relationships smoother and more profitable.
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    The 5-Step Approach to Gathering and Using Client TestimonialsThe 5 step approach to testimonials
    We all know that as freelancers, we should get testimonials for our work - yet most of us are hesitant about doing so. In a previous post, James Chartrand pointed out the importance of social proof in the form of reviews or testimonials. According to Chartrand, they can help lower the perceived risk for your potential clients, and help them feel safer buying from you. Given this important benefit, why aren't we all rushing to ask our clients for testimonials? A quick look in the FreelanceSwitch forums tells us how uncertain some of us are when asking for testimonials. We may think asking for one is such a hassle. Some clients may even have poor follow-through and never send you the testimonial they promised. Or, some of us may see asking for testimonials as asking for a favor, even offering a discount in exchange for some positive words. But it doesn't have to be like this. Here's a 5-step process you can use to remove hesitation, improve response rates, and make the most out of your client testimonials.Read More…
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    How to Get More Clients Faster With TemplatesHow to get more clients faster with templates
    No matter how well you plan, there will be times when you'll need more clients. During the "famine" periods of your feast and famine cycle, the best thing you can do is cut this time as short as possible. To do this, you need a system for contacting leads, qualifying them, and converting them into paying clients as fast as possible. Communication templates can help you do this.Read More…
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    How to Impress Clients With a Monthly Value ReportMonthly value report
    If someone came up to your clients and asked them, "What is that freelancer doing for you?" what do you think your client will say? Will they sing your praises or scratch their heads and wonder why they hired you in the first place? While your clients can check your invoices for a list of accomplished tasks, invoices weren't designed to explain why these tasks are important, nor do they justify the cost. A project proposal may contain these details, but this is written at the beginning of the project. Clients need to know what you've done for them lately - and they need a recurring reminder. For your client to understand your value, you need to assert it yourself. You can do this by creating a "Monthly Value Report". This document shows them how much you're contributing to their business.Read More…