c.bavota is a freelance web developer from Montreal. He's been working with WordPress, HTML, PHP, CSS and jQuery for almost a decade. Follow him on Twitter or stop by his blog.
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    Ensuring Your Theme Has Retina SupportRetina 400
    With all of the high resolution screens available today, it only makes sense that your WordPress theme includes support for displaying higher quality images. That means adding functionality to create these images on top of a way to load the right one depending on the screen resolution of the end user.Read More…
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    A Better Forum List Widget for bbPressBbpress
    When bbPress was still a standalone installation, I had tried it out and wasn't really impressed. Things were clunky and it didn't always work the way it was supposed to. After languishing for a few years, Automattic decided to take bbpress and turn it into a plugin, improving the functionality leaps and bounds and making it a strong contender amongst other forum option for WordPress.Read More…
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    Enhancing the Search Form With typeahead.jsTypeahead ltgrey 400
    The WordPress search form doesn't offer any bells and whistles by default. If it's already included in your theme, or you've added the search widget to one of your sidebars, you can attest to that. One way to greatly improve its functionality is to include an autocomplete script to help enhance the efficiency of how relevant search queries are relayed.Read More…
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    Creating Client Testimonials With Custom Post TypesCreating client testimonials with custom post types
    If you're running any type of business online, it's a good idea to get your clients' opinions on what they thought about the services you provided. First of all, this can benefit you by giving you feedback on how you can improve aspects of your business, but most of all, it can give you great testimonials, which can help to persuade potential clients to use your services.Read More…
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    Adding a Custom CSS Editor to Your Theme Using ACEAdding a custom css editor to your theme using ace
    Whenever someone downloads your theme and decides that some of the CSS isn't working for them, they usually go into style.css and manually modify the stylesheet to their liking. This isn't too hard to do, but it does present an issue when the next release of your theme is available and they decide to update. All of their changes will then be overwritten. A great work-around is to offer a Custom CSS editor so that all the changes they make will be safely stored in the database and keeping up to date in the future will not be an issue.Read More…
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    Adding a Syntax Highlighter Shortcode Using Prism.jsSyntax highlighter preview image
    Syntax highlighting has become pretty standard on most tutorial sites (as you can see below) and there are many options available, all depending on what languages you use and how you want your code snippets to be displayed.Read More…
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    Getting Visual Editor Styles to Work With Post FormatsVisual editor post formats 02
    When WordPress 3.1 was released, a new feature called Post Formats was introduced, which gave authors the ability to select one of nine formats for their posts. Theme developers had to add support to include each format as well as some conditional tags and CSS to take advantage of what they had to offer. Each format could be displayed on the front end with a different layout and design, though the visual editor in the wp-admin didn't reflect this. For this tutorial, I'm going to focus on how we can get our theme to display the Quote post format so that the front end layout and design is reflected when creating a post in the visual editor.Read More…