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Carol Tice has been a freelance writer since 2005. Her Make a Living Writing blog was named a Top 10 Blog for Writers in 2010 and 2012. She serves as Den Mother of the 600+ member writers' community Freelance Writers Den.
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    How to Earn From Your Freelance Blog—Without Driving Clients Away9 money
    Blogging can be complicated when you're a freelancer. That's because a freelancer's blog can serve two different goals -- it can help you find clients, and it can be a niche business of its own, on a topic unrelated to your freelance services. But it's tricky to combine those two. Slather your blog with ad banners and affiliate links, and prospective freelance clients may be turned off. They also may conclude you've got your own blog-based business going and probably don't have time for their assignment. Still, it's possible to earn well from your blog while also using it to attract new clients. Here are a few approaches that work well:Read More…
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    10 Ways to Promote Your Freelance Blog to Get Clients' Attention8 promotion
    You've slogged through the challenges and gotten up your freelance blog. You've written a blog post, chosen a catchy image, and hit 'publish.' Congratulations! Now what? Often, nothing happens after that. No clients call. No comments come. Then you feel you wasted your time and that blogging isn't a good way to get freelance clients. But that's not the's just that you forgot something.Read More…
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    How to Score the Guest Posts That Will Get Your Freelance Blog Noticed7 score
    Is your blog a lonely place? Often, freelancers start a blog about the type of work they do, in hopes of attracting clients with their posts. But nothing happens. The reason is usually that your tiny startup blog doesn't have much traffic. Search engines don't rank it highly and aren't sending you many readers off of searches for the key terms you're using in hopes of catching prospects' attention. You're on page 57 of the Google search for "freelance designer," and nobody comes. You can solve this problem, get higher rankings in search and attract more visitors who are prospects by guest posting on more popular blogs. The bigger, the better.Read More…
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    12 Ways to Keep Prospects Hooked on Your Freelance Blog6 hook
    If you're a freelancer and you have a blog, you're probably hoping your posts will impress clients and get them to hire you. Unfortunately, most freelancer blogs don't get so much as a nibble, much less a steady stream of clients. If your blog has a nice clean design and you know how to write an interesting blog post, it's time to look deeper at why your blog isn't getting the results you want. Here is my list of 12 different ways to get prospects subscribing to your blog -- and keep them on your email list:Read More…
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    40 Attention-Getting Post Topic Ideas for Your Freelancer's Blog5 attention
    Lots of freelancers want to promote their services by starting a blog that their prospective clients might read. But soon, most of them sputter out. It's not easy keeping up a freelancer blog. You need a lot of ideas for posts! Meanwhile, you're trying to get your work done for your current client. It's tempting to write a thinly disguised (or baldly overt) plea that you be hired. That doesn't go over well in the world of blogging and social media, though. It's likely to backfire and drive away your prospects instead of getting you gigs. Blogging is not a hard-sell environment. Readers expect to get useful information in posts, not pitches to hire you. So what can you write about? Quick tip: Provide useful or interesting information your prospects can use, and your readers will keep coming back -- and some may end up becoming your clients. Here are 40 specific ideas for quick-and-easy blog topics that will attract quality prospects and then keep them interested:Read More…
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    How One Blogger Gets Freelance Gigs: Tom Ewer of Leaving Work Behind4 interviews
    Every year, legions of writers start a blog with the idea of turning it into a moneymaker through ads, ebooks, or other passive-income strategies. But there's a faster way to use your blog to earn. It doesn't require that you build a huge audience, either. You can use your freelance blog as a portfolio sample to get freelance blogging gigs. That's what UK-based freelancer Tom Ewer discovered -- quite by accident -- shortly after quitting his job and starting his blog Leaving Work Behind in mid-2011. He quit his full-time job in early 2012 to work full-time on his blog.Read More…
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    Do Freelancers Have to Blog To Get Clients?3 clients
    Would you like to have a freelance blog that attracts clients? It's a freelancer's dream -- you dash off short blog posts now and then, prospects read them, get impressed, and ring you right up. Unfortunately, that often doesn't happen. Instead, freelancers get into blogging because they feel they have to, and often end up frustrated. In reviewing hundreds of freelance blogs over the years, I've found they tend to come in three typical flavors: A blog about your freelance work that you hate writing and rarely update. Several different blogs on various topics you started, but then quickly abandoned. No blog at all because you "can't decide what to write about." All of these types of freelancer blogs pose a big problem. If you're investing precious marketing time in writing and styling up your blog it needs to get you clients.Read More…
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    The 8 Basic Design Elements That Turn Your Blog into a Client Magnet2 magnet
    When you take an in-person meeting with a prospective freelance client, do you ask them to meet you in a dark alley and then stagger up late in a pair of ripped jeans with your hair uncombed? I'm going to bet you don't. You make the effort to choose a businesslike venue and come professionally dressed and groomed. When prospects visit your freelance blog, it's like you're inviting them to take a meeting at your office. Does your blog look professional and ready for business? If not, you may be losing a lot of clients -- great clients who were turned off by what they saw on your blog and left without ever trying to contact you. Just as it's important to write blog posts that attract clients, the design and layout of your blog is critical, too. A great design and feel on your blog will help attract better-quality clients -- the ones you really want. Those of you who are design professionals probably have this side of things down cold, but if you're a freelance writer, you may not have been paying much attention to blog design. You should, though -- it'll really pay off. What do you need to know? Here are eight basics of blog design and layout every freelancer's blog should have to attract clients:Read More…
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    10 Fundamentals of Good Freelancer Blog Posts1 fundamentals
    Nearly every freelancer I meet seems to be starting a blog, or at least thinking about it. But there's a problem: Many freelancers tell me they're posting like mad on their blog...but nothing's happening. No comments. No shares on Twitter or Facebook. Even worse, no client nibbles, and especially, no firm new clients. Blogs are a big time investment. So if you're blogging away and not getting results, that's not good. If you can't get the hang of this, you might want to consider spending your marketing time another way. But first, let's see if we can fix this and get your blog some traction by focusing on improving your fundamentals.Read More…
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    What it Really Takes to Earn a Living From Blog Ad RevenuePreview blog ad revenue
    Have you ever wished you could blog about one of your personal interests -- and that blog would attract a huge audience and allow you to earn in your living while you sleep? It's a great way to supplement your freelance income or even replace it entirely. It's the dream of many bloggers. But few succeed. Recently, however, I had a chance to talk to two bloggers who are living that dream. They built blogs about their passions and now earn hefty incomes from blog ad revenue. First off, I saw Bill Belew present at NMX recently about how he built his six-figure business, which earns mostly from ad-clicks -- sending customers to advertisers' websites from his sites. He operates a network of a dozen different niche websites, which together have seen more than 100 million visitors. He reports he makes a solid five-figure income from each site. The sites cover interests of his including Asia, Christianity, and blogging. Several are on the Examiner platform, while others are independently hosted. Belew says there were four steps to building his successful blog-based business:Read More…
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    How to Earn Bundles From Your Blog Without Ever Selling Anything On ItPreview earn bundles blog copy
    Have you noticed this trend in blogging? Quite a few of the top bloggers don't sell anything on their blog. That's right -- no banner ads, no pitches on the bottom of posts, no page full of affiliate products. The blog is nothing but useful information and resources. Take a look at Derek Halpern's Social Triggers, for example. Yet, these bloggers earn very well. For instance, recently popular blogger Jon Morrow announced he made $500,000 from his blog last year -- and yet you will look in vain for ads or even sales pitches on blog posts on his site, Boost Blog Traffic. How is this possible? What is the secret of this sales-free blogging approach? I had a chance to buttonhole Jon at the New Media Expo recently and ask him.Read More…
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    5 Easy Tips for Getting 100,000 Visitors to Your Blog PostsJon morrow 200x200
    [caption id="attachment_36708" align="alignright" width="160" caption="Jon Morrow"][/caption] Are you tired of slaving over your blog posts, only to find you end up with seven readers? If so, you need to change what you're writing about. Probably where you're publishing it, too. That's the word from Copyblogger associate editor Jon Morrow, whose own new site is the wildly popular Boost Blog Traffic. Jon is a longtime mentor of mine, and I had the privilege of meeting him in person and attending his presentation on how he gets big traffic at the New Media Expo (formerly BlogWorld). He's the author of three separate blog posts that have notched over 100,000 views, including On Dying, Mothers, and Fighting for Your Ideas. In his NMX session, he analyzed the success of his big posts and spotlighted five elements the posts all have in common that helped them get massive traffic:Read More…