Carlos Cessa
Mexican developer and wannabe designer, when not behind a computer you can most likely find me playing tennis or GTA V. I have a great passion for writing concise, modular and maintainable code. With around 10 years of experience with web development, whether it be front or back end, my languages of choice are PHP, JavaScript, Java, Objective-C, C and HTML/CSS. I work at my own development company here in Mexico, write for Tuts+ since 2011 and take freelancing jobs from time to time.
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    Mobile First With Bootstrap 3Bootstrap 3 preview
    Ok so a couple of weeks now, on it's very own two year anniversary Mark Otto and the rest of the guys responsible for the develop and maintenance of Bootstrap announced the official release of the framework's third version, and it came on steroids, let's see what we're getting.Read More…
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    Dropbox Datastores and Drop-InsDropbox retina preview
    Recently, Dropbox announced its new Datastore API and Drop-ins, a couple of great new features aimed to leverage the power of accessing files and (now with Datastores) other general information from any device and keep that data synced across all platforms, painlessly.Read More…
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    Building a CodeIgniter Web Application From ScratchCodeigniter
    The application we are creating will be a simple billboard, where users can register, post tasks, and offer a reward for its completion. Other users can see the existing tasks, assign the task to themselves, and get the offered reward.Read More…
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    Advanced CodeIgniter Techniques and TricksCodeigniter
    CodeIgniter is a widely used PHP framework that aims to help developers write better structured code and remove boilerplate tasks from the workflow. In this article, I'm going to explain some incredibly useful techniques to use when developing applications using CodeIgniter.Read More…