Carl Walker
Hello, I'm Carl Walker. I'm a web designer, developer and analyst from the UK. Please visit my personal site for more info, and contact me on Twitter to say Hi!
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    Internet Explorer 9 Beta: Reviewed and BenchmarkedPreview
    Microsoft is making some bold claims with the release of Internet Explorer 9 Beta. They explain that other browsers, unlike IE9 Beta, only use 10% of your PC's capabilities; they show how websites will be streamlined and work faster by taking advantage of your graphics processing unit (GPU), and how a range of new features will provide a richer experience when combined with Windows 7. Today, we will be looking at what new features IE9 Beta has to offer, and how it performs when bench-marked against Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.Read More…
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    Speeding Up Websites With YSlowPreview
    We all know there are countless reasons why web page load-times skyrocket, however, pinpointing the problem may be costly in both time and money. So why waste the effort when someone else—or something else—can do all the dirty work for you? Meet Yahoo's YSlow, a free web page analyzer for Firefox. Read More…