Carina Javier
Hi my name is Carina Javier. I've been a full time freelance web designer for over 8 years now and love it. I've started creating custom WordPress themes for my clients for about 4 years and I can't go back. I absolutely love WordPress and every chance I get, I make sure my clients' sites are built on the system. If you look at my portfolio of custom WordPress sites for my clients you can see what I can do.
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    Displaying Posts in a CarouselPreview
    Having a recent posts carousel on your blog is a great way to make it more interactive for your visitors. Recently I had a client ask me to make a recent posts carousel for their website. I said yeah sure, thinking there must be some kind of plugin I can find to do just that real quick. Boy was I wrong. I spent a long time trying to find one and the ones I found didn't do what I wanted at all. I figured, with all this time wasting, I'll just make one myself. Just gotta find a good base code. So that's when I came upon carouFredSel. Here's the link: I loved their examples and though it still didn't do everything I wanted, like show a caption below the image, the functionality was exactly what I needed. So long story short, here are the details.Read More…
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    Customizing And Styling The Password Protected FormPreview
    Recently I had a client want one of their WordPress pages protected, no problem! Then he came back and said, can you change the text and make it look better? Hmm... Sure! Here's how to...Read More…
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    Display & Style Related Posts For Your WordPress SitePreview
    Displaying related posts is a great way to keep readers on your blog and this tutorial will show you how to achieve just this! There are definitely many related posts plugins out there that would be great to use, however I couldn't find any plugins that fit exactly what I needed. So after a lot of reading and researching, here's what I ended up with that's helped me on a ton of my client's projects including my own. Here I will show you how to program a custom WordPress loop that will display your related posts with thumbnails. Read More…