Cameron Porter
I'm a producer/composer/engineer at Berklee College of Music. I love all styles and write in all styles of music for many ensemble types ranging from electronic club music to country band to full orchestra. I cofounded the currently Boston-based company, Sunscape Productions, and serve as Vice President as well as filling roles as producer, composer, engineer, and performer.
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    Quick Tip: Mixing With Your Eyes ClosedPreview
    Hey readers. I’ve been doing a lot of mixing for my company, Sunscape Productions, and I’ve stumbled onto an approach that works really well for me, and that is: mixing with my eyes closed. Yea, I know, that sounds kind of crazy, but it works! I’ve found that when I’ve got a song going in whatever DAW I’m using, and I have many tracks, level changes, panning, and effects, my eyes are distracted by all of the stuff going on. The important thing I realized is that this alters how you perceive things. Read More…