Cameron Knight
Cameron Knight was the editor of the photography section at Tuts+. He's an award-winning photojournalist with over a decade of experience. Based in the Cincinnati, Ohio area he's available for freelance work in the Midwest.
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    The Ultimate Guide to Create Your Own 35mm Pinhole CameraPreview
    Why spend $3,000 on the newest and greatest camera when you can make one at home and at the same time participate in a centuries old tradition of image making? Well, you can, and to start you should ask yourself one question. What is a camera? At the most basic level, a camera is a light-tight box with the means of transferring light in a controlled manner from the outside world to a light-sensitive medium producing an image. That sounds like a bit of a complex definition, but when you break it down, its pretty simple. In this tutorial, you'll learn what pinhole photography is, the history that led up to pinhole photography, differences between lens photography and pinhole photography, and you'll be shown how to make your own pinhole camera!Read More…
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    Taking Amazing Studio Portraits On a Tight BudgetThumbnail
    So there I was in my socks, standing on a milk crate with a beautiful half-naked woman lying motionless on a painter's tarp in the middle of by bedroom floor. If someone had walked in at that moment, I would have had some serious explaining to do! I am not a serial killer, I am a professional photographer who uses the cheapest materials I can get my hands on to produce studio quality portraits. And I'm here to reveal how I get away with it.Read More…