Cameron Chapman
Cameron Chapman is the author of The Smashing Idea Book: From Inspiration to Application and a regular contributor to a number of web design and technology blogs.
  • Design & Illustration
    Inspiration: 50 Digital Dragon PaintingsPreview
    Dragon myths date back at least a few millennia. They come from a wide variety of cultures: Chinese, Sumerian, Assyrian, Babylonian, and European. As a result, dragons are a subject of fascination for many children and adults alike. Below are 50 excellent digital paintings of dragons. Most follow the European/Middle Ages dragon tradition, although some are more obviously influenced by traditional Chinese dragons. All have exceptional detail, depth, and artistic merit. Use them as inspiration for your next digital painting or project.Read More…
  • Code
    Color Inspiration: Go Green with EnvyPreview
    Green is most often associated with nature, money, and success. Because of this, it's most often seen on either environmental or financial institution websites. Though it mixes well with a variety of other colors, green is most often paired with neutrals. We've compiled twenty five perfect examples of this in today's inspiration round-up.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    25 Fantastic Vector PortraitsPreview
    When most people think to create a portrait, Illustrator isn't the first program that comes to mind. Photoshop, sure. Pencil and paper, definitely. Even paints or collage seem obvious. But Illustrator? The truth is, though, some truly fantastic portraits have been created in Illustrator and other vector art programs. And the process can be as difficult or straight-forward as you choose to make it. Most designers seem to start out with a photo, though others have been created from scratch and may even be fictional characters with no reference image. In any case, the end results are fantastic, whether they're kept a bit more abstract and two-dimensional or they've gone for a more realistic final result.Read More…
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    Inspiration: Awesome Book-Related Website DesignsPreview
    If you're a book lover, you may have noticed that the vast majority of book-related websites out there leave a bit to be desired when it comes to design and information architecture. In fact, some author and publisher websites make me feel like my eyes might bleed! But there are some gems out there, and we've collected some of the best. If you know of any other fantastic book-related websites, whether they're for authors, individual books, publishing companies, or blogs, let us know in the comments.Read More…
  • Photo & Video
    50 Breathtaking Waterscapes to Inspire & AmazePreview
    Water is the force behind all life on Earth. Where there is life, you'll find water, and where there is water, you'll almost always find life. And in many places, water is a prominent feature of the surrounding landscape, whether it's the ocean, a major river or lake, or something like a small stream, pond, or swamp.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    It's All in the Eyes: 100 Beautiful Photo ManipulationsPreview
    The eyes have long been considered the windows to the soul. Photographers often try to focus on a subject's eyes as a way to add depth and emotion to a photo. But there are still only so many ways you can emphasize the eyes in a standard photo. That's where photo manipulations like those below enter the scene. Some are macabre and just a little bit (or extremely) frightening, while others make us think of fantasy worlds filled with fairies and nymphs. And then there are those that are done just to make the subject appear more striking. In any case, all are inspiring and a great place to start if you're looking for some ideas.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Inspiration: 90+ Photo-Based Book CoversPreview
    Book covers can be incredibly creative design projects. They can also be wildly challenging when compared with many other types of designs. A cover has to not only tell something about what the story is about, but also be appealing to the book's target readership. Many book cover designers turn to photographs when creating book covers. Not all books have the budget for custom photo shoots, so often stock images have to be used. And what many readers don't realize is that many book covers are actually composite images, made up of multiple stock images to create the look and feel the designer is after.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Inspiration: 80+ Amazing WWII Allied Propaganda PostersPreview
    With World War II now more than sixty years ago, it's easier to appreciate the propaganda posters of the era for their artistic merit. Allied posters of the age aimed to influence citizens to enlist in the military, buy war bonds, join the workforce, and sacrifice in ways that many people in the U.S., Australia, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere have a hard time imagining today. But the tactics employed in many of these posters and adverts were wildly successful in building national pride and support for the war effort, and today are cherished for their campy nostalgia and patriotic messages. The posters below are the best of the best from the WWII era. Left out are many of the more offensive posters (of which there are plenty of examples). Looking through these can help give us a better understanding of what life during war-time was like a few generations ago. Remember that propaganda posters were, in reality, sales tools. Their aim was to sell the citizenry as a whole on the war, and to get them to participate actively in the war effort in various ways. Study the motivational tools they use: pride, fear, patriotism, and a sense of duty.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    40 Amazing and Fantastical Winter Photo ManipulationsPreview
    Winter is now in full swing for the Northern Hemisphere. Snow and cold have engulfed the northern latitudes. In the Southern Hemisphere, summer has taken hold, bringing with it blazing temperatures. For those of you in the north, the image manipulations below can help us appreciate the beauty of winter. And for those in the south, they can bring some much-needed relief from the heat. Photo manipulations are probably one of the most entertaining and interesting things to do with Photoshop. Combining unrelated elements into a single image, often combined with other filters, textures, and effects, to create one-of-a-kind works of art can be as challenging or simple as you want it to be, depending on exactly what you're trying to create. There are a variety of ways these artists use to combine individual elements into a cohesive whole. Lighting effects, texture overlays, softening, and more are all put to the test with some of the examples below. And if you try all of those and aren't happy with the results, sometimes emphasizing the fact that the image is a composite can work wonders.Read More…