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Callum Chapman is a self-employed blogger, author, graphic designer and illustrator. He is the founder of Circlebox Blog, and is also the founder & co-owner of, a design blog dedicated to giving cool products away! Drop him a line at Twitter!
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    From A Childs View: 30+ Creative Children's Book CoversPreview
    This inspirational post is all about showing you a great selection of different ways the digital medium is put to use in the modern day world to create illustrations for children's book covers: from toddlers' short novels and picture books, to books about color for the youth, to older kids who have a keen interest in art and design - and of course everything in between.Read More…
  • Code
    Inspiration: Character Illustrations in Website DesignPreview
    The use of character illustration in web design is a great and easy way to increase the amount of visual appeal your website has. Not only does it brighten things up and make your site a bit more captivating, but it also, if pulled off well, helps your visitors remember your design (and therefore your website). Although your website's content is extremely important, a beautiful and engaging design helps to bring everything together.Read More…
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    From the Silver Screen to Your Computer: Movie Fan Art to Inspire YouPreview
    Movies, as we all know, are a huge part of almost everyone's life. Whether you hate them or love them, movie posters, cover art, and trailers can be found just about everywhere. As designers, we take frequently take inspiration from the movies we see. Today we have a wonderful collection of eighty superb pieces of movie fan-art. We'd love to know which are your favorites. Let us know in the comments!Read More…
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    Not What They Seem: Deceptive Vexel ArtworksPreview
    Vexel is a form of pixel-based raster art that imitates the appearance of what we know as vector graphics; smooth, sharp-edged illustrations that can be scaled up and down. Vexel art, however, is created using pixel-based shapes that are layered upon each other to create stepped but gradual color transitions. Gradients are sometimes used to give the artwork a more detailed and smooth look, but at the end of the day, no matter what technique has been used, the final outcome is a rasterized image that can't be scaled. This technique is typically used by those who are more comfortable with programs like Photoshop, rather than alternative vector-based apps. Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Resources: 400+ Foliage VectorsPreview
    You can never have enough vector resources, especially when it comes to foliage elements such as leaves, branches and floral patterns. They can be used in so many different design projects, from minimalistic and elegant wedding invitations to dark and grungy concert posters. It's for this reason, we have rounded up a collection of almost 400 individual vector resources, including vector packs, brush packs, seamless patterns and frames. Enjoy!Read More…
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    No Smock Required: 30+ Awesome Digital Painting TutorialsPreview
    Over the years, digital painting has become a much more popular art form, in which traditional art/painting techniques such as watercolors, acrylics and oils are applied to a digital canvas using modern technology such as a graphics tablet and stylus. Although digital painting is a form of digital art, you don't have to be a super whizz at Photoshop (or your chosen application) to be good at digital painting; it's so realistic and alike to normal painting that your traditional skills are much more important than your computer skills, allowing traditional artists of all ages to give digital painting a shot; computer literate or not. As well as digital painting, some applications such as Corel Painter use other art forms such as charcoal, pastels, airbrushes, pens and even pencils, as well as various different tools to experiment with, as if you were painting the "old-fashioned" way. Being able to draw or paint is always handy when following tutorials like this, however if you feel you're not great at drawing or painting, there's no harm in trying the following tutorials, they're bound to improve your skills in one way or another! There is a selection of over thirty superb and stunning tutorials below, from realistic portrait painting to fantasy anime scenes.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Beyond Cylons and Warp Drive: Phenomenal Sci-Fi Concept ArtPreview
    Science fiction art is seen everywhere these days. If you enjoy a good blockbuster movie or spending your Sunday afternoons playing Halo or Final Fantasy, you probably know sci-fi concept art quite well. Sites such as Behance or DeviantART frequently post incredible sci-fi concept art renderings. This post showcases a collection of 40 incredible and stunning sci-fi concept art pieces to help boost your creativity; most of which have been created using Adobe Photoshop or a similar application with the artists bare hands. Enjoy!Read More…
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    Inspiration: Fashion-Centric Vector IllustratorsPreview
    Most people turn to Photoshop if the project they're working on needs high-level editing on details such as facial features, lighting and shadows. However, if you're looking to create detailed, scalable illustrations, Adobe Illustrator offers a superb selection of vector-based tools, such as the Pen and Pathfinder. For this reason, many fashion artists and illustrators are turning to vector to create their work. This compilation showcases a selection of thirty incredible, intricate and high-quality vector images with a strong focus on fashion. They have been produced by various artists and illustrators from all around the world, most of which work in the fashion industry. Take a look, this set is sure to inspire. Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Inspiration: Amazing 3D TypographyPreview
    Three-dimensional typography is something we've seen a lot of recently, and it doesn't seem to be dying down, either. This post showcases a huge collection of 3D typography, and we have no doubt whatsoever that it is going inspire!Read More…
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    Color Inspiration: Wonderful Uses of BeigePreview
    Beige and tan are most often used in websites simply as background colors. They're commonly seen used in paper textures, grunge sites, or, occasionally, as a solid-colored background. The advantage is that, because they're neutral, they can easily be combined with any number of other colors without clashing. The websites shown below offer a pretty complete picture of how beige and tan are used in today's website designs. There are twenty five sites included, but please feel free to share more within the comments.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Time-Savers: 400+ Stock Images, Retro VectorsPreview
    Stock images can save you many hours of work on illustration and allow you to focus your attention on the important task of designing. Finding the right vector for you, however, is a completely different matter, and can sometimes take just as long as creating a vector image yourself! That's why in this post we have rounded up a total of over 400 retro-themed vector images which you can use in your own projects.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    From Adorable to Angry: Robot Vectors to Inspire YouPreview
    This post showcases a great selection of vector robots: cute, angry, small and big - there's a bit of everything here for everyone! Robot characters are very common in the design and illustration industry at the moment, and have been for several years. They can be found on all kinds of apparel, such as t-shirts and hoodies, gift cards and posters. The examples show that with just a little bit of creativity and time, some great results can be produced in a short period of time. Read More…