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Callum Chapman is a self-employed blogger, author, graphic designer and illustrator. He is the founder of Circlebox Blog, and is also the founder & co-owner of, a design blog dedicated to giving cool products away! Drop him a line at Twitter!
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    Mobile UI: Redesign the Spendometer iPhone App (Part 2)Spendometer preview
    This is the second of a two-part tutorial series on reskinning an iPhone application with Photoshop. Need to catch up? Read part one on PSDTuts+! We will be covering the rest of the application's UI design in this tutorial, paying close attention to the small and delicate details, such as typography, button design, and text-entry fields, that will make the overall design pop.Read More…
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    Mobile UI: How to Redesign the Spendometer iPhone App (Part 1)Spendometer preview
    This tutorial series will demonstrate all the steps necessary for redesigning an iPhone application with Photoshop. You will learn many of the unique considerations and design patterns used when creating stand-out app interfaces. This tutorial is presented in two parts in collaboration with Mobiletuts+, where you will be able to find an increasing amount of mobile design related tutorials in the future. Read the second part of this series and download the interface PSD on Mobiletuts+.Read More…
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    Mobile Design: Analyzing the Amazon UK AppPreview
    With more and more people starting to use mobile applications daily, it is now more important than ever for companies around the world to pay close attention to developing their own mobile applications, whether they be for the iPhone, Android, or a Blackberry. Having a mobile application however isn't the easiest job. There are a lot of applications out there that work perfectly well, but just don't look all that wonderful. This is important because an appealing, user-friendly interface is a primary method for attracting and retaining users.Read More…
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    Colorful, Psychedelic-Style Digital ArtworkPreview
    Psychedelic art (as you may have guessed) is a type of artwork inspired by psychedelic experiences that are brought on as a side-effect by various drugs and substances known as hallucinations. The art movement began in the 1960's (known as the "hippy years") where sex, drugs and rock and roll played a huge role in the culture, and before long this artistic style was being used in concert posters, album art covers, comic books and newspapers. One particular style of psychedelic artwork was inspired by the hallucinations experienced by a drug called LSD, which was known for its kaleidoscopic patterns, similar to those the younger generation experienced with the popular kaleidoscope toy. As life moves on everything is becoming digital, and over the years digital psychedelic art, although not in vogue, has been slowly increasing in popularity. Bright colors and fractal patterns are fairly easy to produce on a computer, so it only makes sense that psychedelic art is being produced digitally. This showcase presents thirty unique, interesting and out-of-the-ordinary colorful and psychedelic inspired artworks. What's your favorite, and do you think digital psychedelic art is the way to go, or will it never be quite the same as those produced with traditional media? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the post!Read More…
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    Interview with Timba SmitsPreview
    Meet Timba Smits, an artist, designer, illustrator, publisher, curator and wannabe Olympic ping-pong player, who has the heart in him to share with us all some fantastic advice for all of you budding and upcoming world-class illustrators. Timba worked himself up from being turned away from design agencies, to becoming an extremely successful, world-known and award-winning creative, a founder of a superb magazine publication and a founder of a great brand known as Lyrics & Type. Read on to find out how he has gotten so far in life.Read More…
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    Showcase of Macintosh Dashboard Widget UI DesignsPreview
    There are various ways an application (or more specifically, a widget) can be presented to its users; some bad, some good and some tremendously well. Other than a widgets purpose, its user interface is the most important aspect; it makes the widget look good and (hopefully) makes it easy to use, making it compelling and user friendly, which is what all application developers should be aiming to achieve. Dashboard widgets are actually relatively easy to make, and most web designers/developers can produce them without much difficulty. They are developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, meaning everything that is possible on the web, is possible in a dashboard widget, making it relatively easy to achieve a great looking and easy to use widget. This inspirational compilation post showcases a collection of 32 creative, unique and easy to use Apple Macintosh Dashboard Widgets, including a selection of default widgets that ship with your Apple Mac, and a good handful or two of third party widgets.Read More…
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    Roughly Speaking: Working within Mobile UI Design LimitationsPreview
    Today we chat with two mobile user interface designers about how they design successful mobile interfaces and intuitive navigation solutions. We'll learn how Sacha Greif works with the limited space of the iPad by using space saving UI Elements. Eryk Pastwa discusses how to design for multiple mobile sizes, and how to properly test designs for maximum real world uses. Take a peek at their workflows, and the best practices they both put into place in their projects.Read More…
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    Inspiration: The Top 36 Musician Web DesignsPreview
    Musician websites have a bad name for themselves. They are often behind the times, either poorly designed or poorly coded - or both. It's not all blue and gloomy though; there are a bunch of fantastic band and musician web designs out there - thirty-six of which can be found below. From textured designs, including Paolo Nutini and Rocket Club, to simplistic and minimalistic design, including Jamie Cullum and Jennifer Lopez, these designs cover the spectrum.Read More…
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    Inspiration: Fantastic TV Fan ArtThe simpsons 3
    People are often inspired by what they see on TV. Sometimes we're inspired by characters, sometimes costumes, sometimes scenery, or maybe just the storyline. This article showcases a huge collection of TV series fan art, from modern hits such as Lost, House and CSI, to some going a little further back in time such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Star Trek. The showcase is full of different kinds of art, from traditional pencil sketches to modern digital illustrations. These are sure to inspire!Read More…
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    More Than 350 Free and Premium Wood TexturesPreview
    Texture resources can come in very handy, especially if you just want to add some subtle grain to your designs or photographs. This article showcases a compilation of over 350 wooden textures, both free and premium.Read More…
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    Inspiration: 40 Typographic PostersPreview
    Typography is the designers' and illustrators' most multifaceted weapon. It is seen everywhere. On our screens, in our books and magazines, on our breakfast packaging. We're always being inspired by the typography around us, even if you don't know it yet. With it being just about everywhere we look, it inspires us to break the rules, which a lot of the typographic-based posters below do, and do incredibly well, too. We have a lovely, eye-catching and mind-blowing collection of 40 typographic posters below, all designed by some of the best and most-talented typographic designers and illustrators this side of the millennium. We'd love to know your favorite poster below, why it's your favorite, and if we missed any of your favorite typography posters. Enjoy! Read More…
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    More Than 620 Bokeh Background TexturesPreview
    As I'm sure you already know, textures can come in very handy; whether you're using them to subtly add interest to your work, or in full-blown, award-winning photo manipulations. Bokeh is the term used to explain the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur in photography, and is usually seen in good quality macro shots, in the areas that lay outside the depth of field. As bokeh is more than often very pleasing to the eye, photographers tend to purposely produce bokeh in their images, and sometimes deliberately take out-of-focus shots to take images that show nothing other than bokeh. Designers have picked up on this, and over the years there has been a huge increase of bokeh being used in graphic, print, and web design. This round-up consists of a whopping 626 textures, both free (the majority) and premium, which you can use to spice up your photos, as backgrounds for your latest web design, and, as most of them are high resolution, even in your print design projects.Read More…