Bruno Skvorc
Bruno is a professional web developer from Croatia with Master's degrees in Computer Science and English Language and Literature. He works as a lead publishing process developer for an online publisher, and moonlights as a hyperweb enthusiast experimenting with up and coming web technologies. He also authored the Mindworks PHP Wireframework (accessible soon via Find him on his Bitfalls blog, or via
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    Grep and sed DemystifiedTerminal%20tutorial%20icon
    Grep. You hear it a lot. You see those cryptic IT guys typing the command, system admins mentioning it in passing, you even see it in some shell scripts. It seems like one of those things that just exists, but isn't meant for you. This article will change that - we'll explain and take a quick look at grep (and its less famous friend sed) in this newest installment of OS X Demystified.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Homebrew Demystified: OS X's Ultimate Package ManagerHomebrew
    You keep seeing the word "Homebrew" whenever you install an app that isn't simply dragged into the Applications folder. What is Homebrew? The site says "package manager," but what's a package manager? What's a package? What's a manager? There, there - no need to pull your hair out. We'll go over all of this and more in today's tutorial.Read More…
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    How to Share a Mac's Optical Drive1349047301 stock music library
    Did you know you could share the optical drive from one computer with another OS X machine? It even works cross-platform to a certain extent, allowing you to use your Windows optical drive through your Mac. Learn how in this quick, in-depth guide to optical drive sharing.Read More…
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    Gaming with Steam on OS X Mountain LionSteam
    How can Mac owners run games on par with those in the Windows PC world? What is Steam and how do you install it? What are the known caveats? Can the Mac actually rival the PC in its gaming abilities? Find out all this and much more in this down-to-the-basics article about Steam on OS X.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    The Master Guide to Formatting a Hard Drive1347813286  harddrive
    Want to sell your Mac, restore its original speed or make a fresh installation of the new OS version you bought? There comes a time in every Mac owner's life when the formatting (restoring it to a factory state) of the hard drive becomes a necessity. We'll tackle the most painless way to do so in this step by step guide.Read More…
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    Activity Monitor DemystifiedActivitymonitor 200
    Not many casual users know about the Activity Monitor, fewer still understand what it can really do apart from force-quitting an application. In this overview of the Activity Monitor, we dissect the user interface, learn to manage memory, kill unresponsive applications and dissect active processes.Read More…
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    Speed Up Your Terminal Workflow with Command Aliases and .profileTerminalicon1
    What are those mysterious ".profile" and ".bash_profile" files you've heard about? How do you go about adding something to PATH, which many applications ask you to do (but none explain how)? What are aliases and how can they help your workflow? Learn all this and much more in this article on taking deeper control of OS X.Read More…
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    Upgrading the Native PHP Installation on OS X Mountain LionMountainlionphp
    Let’s see how we can manually upgrade the native OS X 10.8 PHP installation to the newest version (currently 5.4.5) and get some other useful software installed while we’re at it. *AMP packages are practical, but rarely up-to-date, so absorbing the procedure depicted in this article is invaluable to every PHP developer.Read More…