Brian Scaturro
Brian is passionate about well tested software and loves tinkering and developing tools that simplify development process. He can be found on Github where he tinkers with a variety of technologies. Brian currently works for Open Systems Technologies in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • Code
    Parallel Testing for PHPUnit with ParaTestPhpunit 400
    PHPUnit has hinted at parallelism since 2007, but, in the meantime, our tests continue to run slowly. Time is money, right? ParaTest is a tool that sits on top of PHPUnit and allows you to run tests in parallel without the use of extensions. This is an ideal candidate for functional (i.e Selenium) tests and other long-running processes.Read More…
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    Closures: Front to BackThumb
    Closures are often viewed as an arcane art in the land of JavaScript. Once mastered, they allow you to write some truly amazing JavaScript. This article will get you up to speed on the magic of JavaScript closures. Read More…