Brian Casel
Brian Casel is the author of Design For Conversions, a book to help you design better marketing sites. Connect with Brian on Twitter @CasJam.
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    Design Your Website to Attract More LeadsAttract leads
    So you’ve taken the plunge and have gone into business for yourself. Way to go! Now the real fun begins. Your primary objective in the early days and beyond is to grow your client-base. The only way to do that is to develop and nurture a steady stream of leads. That is, people who could potentially become paying clients.Read More…
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    Writing and Designing a Killer HeadlineHeadline retina
    Hey, you made it! You’ve arrived at this article. So how did you end up here? Maybe you were browsing Twitter, or reading your RSS feeds. Maybe it was a Google search. Or maybe you regularly come back to Tuts+ to see what’s new. But these don’t answer my question.Read More…
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    Get Twice as Much Done in a Day with these 5 Simple ChangesPreview double time productivity
    People often ask me how I manage to do so many different things at once. Two bootstrapped businesses, a podcast, and now a book in the works! How do I find enough hours in the day? I don’t work extra hours or skip my weekend plans. I work roughly 40 hours per week. Nothing crazy. The key is that I make those hours count. I learned over the past year that I can double my productivity with just a few simple changes. No, it’s not extra “hustle”. No, I’m not drinking extra coffee. In fact, I found I need less coffee than I used to (more on this later). Did I find a killer app for “Getting Things Done”? Nope. I happen to think those waste more time than they save. So how do I get the highest output possible from my 40 hour work weeks? Here are a few simple changes I made that I highly recommend you try out for yourself.Read More…
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    How to Scale and Grow Your Online Business by SystemizingPreview online business systemizing
    If you’re running your own online business, there isn’t a day that goes by when you’d say “I’m not that busy today.” We’re always busy! There is never a shortage of things to do. For every task we cross off of our checklist, there are four more to add onto our plate. We work long hours, often sacrificing things like a “relaxing weekend” (what’s that?) and happy hour at the bar with friends. But when you take a step back and assess your business — the big picture — what do you see? Is your business growing? Is it becoming more efficient? Is your bottom-line increasing from month-to-month or is it staying flat? For many online business owners, particularly freelancers, it can feel like you’re running in place. You’re keeping your operation afloat, but you lack the time and energy to focus on taking things to the next level. You’ve left your job to create your own business, but you realize that all you’ve created is a new job for yourself without the freedom you had initially set out to obtain. Sound familiar? It sure was the case for me. That’s what led me to begin building systems in my business, which allows me to focus on the bigger picture: Scaling, growing and taking things to the next level. This article will help you get started on systemizing your business and building it into a machine that can run itself, with you commanding the ship.Read More…
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    Skyrocket Your Freelance Business by Going NicheSkyrocket your freelance business by going niche
    As freelancers, we often feel like we have super powers and are able to take on any project, any customer, and any challenge that comes our way. This “do-it-all” attitude is a great way to build our skill set and personal growth, but is it the best way to grow your freelance business? At a certain point in your freelance career, it may be time to go niche. Contrary to popular belief, focusing on a targeted niche (and turning away anything that doesn’t fit) is an effective way of marketing your services and growing your business. So what does it mean to go niche? Well, take my recent experience as an example. I’m a professional web designer. When I first went freelance, I did all sorts of web design projects for freelance clients. I created blogs, shopping websites, HTML emails, web-apps, you name it. Then, a few years in I decided to focus only on WordPress web design. Now, with my latest company, Restaurant Engine, my niche is WordPress web design for restaurants. Get the idea?Read More…