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I'm Brandon! Web design speaker, author, former editor for Tuts+, and dad of 3!
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    It's Been an Amazing Launch Month at Webdesigntuts+!Wdtuts site news
    It's hard to believe that it's just been a month since we launched here at Webdesigntuts+, but it's the truth! Thanks to the rest of the Tuts+ network and an amazing community, we've set some pretty impressive milestones already... and the next month will only get better. Read on to find out what's next!Read More…
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    Great Design Hurts: Striving for Pixel PerfectionGreat design hurts
    I'm going to share a design theory that I've been working on implementing into my own workflow for the past couple of years: pixel perfect mockups. To some it might be obvious, but its a tenet so crucial to my own design process now that I'd say it's been the single most influential idea that I've been presented with in over 10 years of designing.Read More…
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    Create a 3D Ribbon Wrap-Around Effect (Plus a Free PSD!)Ribbon effect preview
    With the holidays are right around the corner, I though it might be fun to create a tutorial on the popular 3d Wrap-Around Ribbon effect that has been popping up so much this year. This is a great way to add depth to your designs, and it's pretty darn easy to complete. I'll show you some examples of it in action around the web, walk you through the creation techniques in Adobe Photoshop, and then explain the different approaches to coding it. Read More…
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    Designing Effective Entry Points in Web DesignPreview
    Creating an inviting "entry point" is important in any type of design discipline, but especially so on the web where attention spans are low and the the first moments of a user's visit can make it or break it. Whether your goal is to create a flashy "splash screen" or you're designing a more traditional homepage, there are simple design decisions that you make can to improve your chances at keeping visitors on your site.Read More…
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    The Importance of Getting Great Feedback in Web DesignPreview
    It seems silly, obvious, trivial, even trite (thank you thesaurus!), but taking a little extra time to show your design to a peer before presenting it to the client or art director is an easy way to clean up your work and omit mistakes that you might have missed otherwise. Getting feedback from your peers is an easy way to get a unique perspective on your work from outsiders who might see things that we don't. This article examines the key benefits of getting great feedback on your web designs and we'll also share a few tips for getting it. I'll also list 14 places online where you can get feedback, critiques and exposure without ever leaving the comfort of your office chair!Read More…
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    Understanding the Z-Layout in Web DesignPreview
    The Z-Layout is a great way to start just about any web design project because it addresses the core requirements for any effective site: branding, hierarchy, structure, and call to action. While the classic "Z-Layout" isn't going to be the perfect solution for each and every website out there, it's certainly a layout that's effective enough to warrant inclusion in any web designer's arsenal of layout ideas.Read More…
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    In-Depth Design Review of - BAD 2010Preview
    Blog Action Day 2010 is upon us! This year, Webdesigntuts+ is getting involved with a special design review of one of our favorite water-based charities: We'll explore the key elements that make the website such a success and how you can borrow the same design strategies for your own projects! Read More…
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    Planning Ahead: Ways to Improve Your Web Design WorkflowPreview
    If you're looking to up your game as a web designer, the planning phase is probably the single most "bang for your buck" skill-set that you could work on. Sometimes it seems that in the dizzying world of web design blogs, roundups, and screencasts, people just skim over the part of the process that makes everything else possible. This post marks the first in a series where we'll be examining the "planning" phase in web design. The goal: to better understand the role that planning plays in design; when it's effective, and when it's wasted.Read More…