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I'm Brandon! Web design speaker, author, former editor for Tuts+, and dad of 3!
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    Reader's Poll! Are You a Freelancer or a Studio Web Designer?Readerspulse
    This week's poll is all about who you work for... or rather, whether you're a freelance web designer or you work for a design agency, studio, or any other company that pays you to stick around the same place. Post your own answer at the poll, and then join the discussion!Read More…
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    Flickr Contest Winner's Showcase w/ Adam RotmanContest winner
    Last month we launched the Flickr Group with a bang! The winner of the group contest is Adam Rotman, a designer out of Toronto, Canada. Today, we'll be featuring an interview with Adam along with a peek at his portfolio. If you're just starting out in the field of web design (or you're just curious to see another designer's portfolio), this is an interview you won't want to miss!Read More…
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    Samantha Warren: Get Stoked on Web TypographyGet stoked
    Just because you didn’t get to go to that awesome conference doesn’t mean that you can’t still watch the lectures! Each weekend, we’ll feature a recommended web design related lecture on Webdesigntuts+. In this week's talk we're going to be watching a presentation by Samantha Warren at SXSW 2010; She's a Senior Web Designer at Phase 2 Technology and an expert on the subject of web typography.Read More…
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    25+ Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Web DesignersGift guide
    Updated! It's the holidays! Today we have a list of over 20 awesome gift ideas (from $19 to $2000) that are geeky enough to make most web designer's giddy with excitement. Whether you need to help guide your friends and family to the hip products of the year, or you're on your own personal shopping spree, check out this list for some geeky gift goodness.Read More…
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    Readers Poll! What Kind of Training Do You Have for Web Design? Readerspulse
    This week's poll is all about web design education - Did you go to school to learn or are you a self-taught designer? Or maybe you're like me and you went to school only to realize that learning on your own was a lot more effective! Post your own answer at the poll, and then join the discussion!Read More…
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    Exclusive Freebie! The Kudos Web-Icon SetKudos freebie
    Today we've got a special little treat for all of you icon junkies out there! The Kudos Icon Set includes 51 free web icons, perfect for dropping into any web design project you've got. Grab them while they're hot!Read More…
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    The Web Designer's Guide to Comparing Photoshop and FireworksPhotoshop or fireworks guide
    Today, we'll be taking a deeper look at the key differences between Photoshop and Fireworks and what they mean to web designers. This article is intended to be a guide for anyone trying to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each application. Our goal: to help designers to better understand their options when it comes to picking their graphics application of choice. We posted a Reader's Poll on this topic, so be sure to cast your own vote on that post as well!Read More…
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    Reader's Poll! Photoshop vs. Fireworks: Which One Do You Use?Readerspulse
    It's time for another reader poll! This time, we're asking you what graphics program you use for web design. Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks are the two main choices, but if you use GIMP, Xara, Ulead, Stone or design inline using code, we want to know about that too. We'll be using the results (and comments!) to frame future tutorial material, so speak up now and let us know what you want to read here at the site!Read More…
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    Are Stock Templates Good or Bad for Web Designers?Preview
    Whether or not it's a "good thing" that stock templates are so readily available to web designers has been an issue that's been hotly debated over the past couple of years. This article will break down the argument in favor of using templates - and I encourage you to post your own thoughts in the comments section! This is an issue that every designer should have on his or her mind at the moment, so grab a cup of coffee and get comfy!Read More…
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    Exclusive Interview with Kriesi from the Envato MarketplacesKriesi preview
    Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Christian "Kriesi", a top author at ThemeForest who consistently racks up five figures a month from WordPress themes, HTML templates, and various custom scripts and plugins. If you've ever considered designing and selling your own templates (or if you already are), this is an interview you won't want to miss!Read More…
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    Winner Announced! The Webdesigntuts+ Flickr Group Launch ContestPreview
    Winner Announced! The votes are all in now, and Adam Rotman of Capital Design Solutions (in collaboration with LMA Communication) has won the most votes with his Niagara Winery design. Check out the full featured post here! Thanks to everyone who participated... don't forget to join the Flickr Group as we'll be doing more of these contests in the future... it's an easy and fun way to get your work promoted!Read More…
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    Exclusive Interview with Liz Andrade (CMD+Shift Design)Liz andrade
    Trained in design, and a self-proclaimed “web geek,” Liz Andrade has been working in the design field for several years. With experience working as the principal web designer at a Seattle boutique-style firm, she took a knowledge and passion for web to her own one-woman design studio, located in Seattle’s Lower Queen Anne neighborhood.Read More…