Brandi Stanley
Hello all! When I'm not busy running my The Window Room, my freelance design business in beautiful Colorado, I'm mixing social justice and art over at the social he(art) blog, where I feature visual artists from all over the world working for great causes.
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    Printing & Prepress BasicsPreview day3
    While art and design schools do an impressive job of teaching the importance of form, function, and how to use flashy Photoshop techniques, it's rare that designers have been taught the skills necessary to pass off their projects to printers so that they may not only successfully, but smoothly, produce a designed work. In this article, I'll discuss the basics when it comes to translating your brilliant ideas (and surely hours of your precious time and energy) into successfully printed projects with a printer, making it easier to keep your deadlines and maintain a blissfully happy and healthy relationship with your vendor.Read More…