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    Post Formats Inside and OutPreview
    In this tutorial we will cover what post formats are, how to use them, what they can do for you.Read More…
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    A Beginner's Guide to the WordPress LoopThe loop
    The Loop is incredibly foundational to WordPress. It's the first (and possibly the easiest) thing that most new themers want to try modifying... and you can get incredibly creative with it once you know the basics. Today, we're going to lay a foundation for everyone who's new to the loop or has ever wanted to know a little bit more about exactly how it works.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Adding a Simple Print Stylesheet to WordPressPreview
    Adding a print stylesheet to your Wordpress site is a wise move. The environment will thank you for applying this article to your website. It's such a simple feature to implement, and most people just overlook it. I'll show you how easy it is to add a simple print stylesheet to your Wordpress site. I'm going to give you a great foundation of one you can use in your site immediately, and show you a few tips so you can take it to the next level.Read More…