Brad Fitzgerald
Brad is the owner of a small graphic and web design firm, Apt Design. He loves working from home, designing and helping other people love their jobs more. When not in front of the computer he enjoys trail running, hanging out with his dog, and relaxing with his wife (but not in that order). Follow him on Twitter.
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    How to Decide What to Include in Your PortfolioPfolio
    Remember when you graduated from school or first decided to become a freelancer?  You likely didn't have much work to show and had to scramble to fill your portfolio.  If you now have a few years under your belt, you've probably started to build up quite a collection of finished pieces. The importance of having a professional portfolio website has been discussed on FreelanceSwitch - it is essential for the modern freelancer.  But how do you decide what to include in your portfolio? If you fill your site with only your favorite work it could be focused in the wrong direction and not attract business.  If you only display giant commercial projects it may feel like a sterile presentation with no heart.  Somehow you need to show that as a freelancer you are both capable in your skills and able to produce high quality, creative results.Read More…