Blake Watters
Blake Watters is the CTO of Two Toasters, a leading provider of mobile technology solutions for promising start-ups and brands. He is the the lead developer of RestKit, a powerful framework for iOS that bridges the gap between mobile devices and RESTful web services in the cloud. Blake is a vegan, an avid runner, and currently resides in Carrboro, North Carolina with his girlfriend and four cats.
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    iOS SDK: Advanced RestKit DevelopmentIos development restkit preview
    In this article we will continue our exploration of RestKit, an iOS framework for working with web services. It is assumed that the reader has read Part I and has a working knowledge of RestKit. Building on the foundation we established in the introduction, we will examine the advanced capabilities of the library and learn how to accelerate our iOS development efforts.Read More…
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    Developing RESTful iOS Apps with RestKitIos development restkit preview
    RestKit is a powerful library that simplifies interacting with web services for iOS applications. In this article, written by RestKit creator and Two Toasters CTO Blake Watters, we will take a quick tour of RestKit’s feature set, get familiar with the core concepts presented by the library, and then explore some code samples to get a feel for what working with RestKit is really like.Read More…