Björgvin Benediktsson
Björgvin Benediktsson is an audio engineer and writer. He is an Alumni from the SAE Institute and has been working in the audio industry since 2006. He has been writing about music production since 2008. Check out his blog Audio Issues where he has written guides on EQ, building a home studio and recording vocals. Follow him on Twitter and circle him on Google+ for more tips and tricks.
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    The 5 Simple Solutions to Your Online Mixing ProblemsOnlinemixingpreview400
    Today you don't need to settle for the audio engineer next door. The online world gives you a wide variety of possibilities when it comes to contacting some really cool engineers that are the perfect fit for your sound.Read More…
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    How to Mix In-Your-Face Rock VocalsInyourfacepreview400
    Gritty, in-your-face vocals can sound awesome and really give you a nice edge to your rock production. But how do you get from a noisy, home recording to a raunchy rock vocals? Lucky for you, there's only about nine steps involved that can take that bedroom recording to a rock god sound.Read More…
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    Creative Subtlety When Working With Doubled Vocals2886429561 cb36e21131 n
    The vocal sound is one of the most important aspects of a song. A guitar sound is pretty subjective and even drums can sound a little off without it taking away from the song. Especially if that song has a really great vocal production.Read More…
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    How to Produce Guitars and Bass With Metal in MindGuitarsbassmetalpreview400
    When it comes to producing, recording and mixing insanely fast metal music, timing is everything. It sounds like an oxymoron, but metal needs to be clean. Not in tone, but in production.Read More…
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    How to Create Rhythm Without a Full Drum KitRhythmwithoutdrums preview400
    Not every song needs a pulsating drum track that grooves with the rest of the instruments. Some songs are simply too delicate for that. From a production standpoint, the drums just get in the way and crowd out the real essence of the song.Read More…
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    How to Run Your Home Studio Like a Startup BusinessPreview photodune 4238531 coins xs
    I want everyone to make money from their audio work. I honestly believe that all of you have something to offer from your skills as audio engineers. That said, it's still an incredibly competitive field that's really hard to break into. But just like with any startup business, thinking differently and positioning yourself correctly can spell success for your studio startup.Read More…
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    Using MIDI for Inspiration and FoundationPreview
    This tutorial can be used for a variety of purposes. You can find public domain songs to use for inspiration, using the preprogrammed MIDI to create something completely different than before. Alternatively you can use the MIDI songs to create better versions of the same songs, for use in musicals, karaoke and the sort. Musicals use a lot of famous pop songs with new lyrics so if you ever find yourself creating music for musicals or karaoke versions for your friends then you can download the MIDI files as a sort of a cheat system to record your stuff on top.Read More…
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    What's This MIDI All About Then?Previewmidi2
    MIDI, as you may know, is a very integral part of the music production process. Understanding it can unlock the power of your audio software and electronic instruments. It stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, and is a protocol that was developed in the 1980s.Read More…
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    What You Can Learn from the Vocal Production of Katy, Gaga & Ke$haPreview6
    Hyped up, overproduced girl pop. Love it or hate, but you can't deny the amazing vocal sounds these producers and engineers come up with. It obviously all starts with “the talent” but there is more to the vocal sound than you think. A quick listen on the radio won't educate you on the depth of these vocal productions. This article will give you a few examples and tips you can take away from the songs of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Ke$ha.Read More…
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    How to Use Sidechain Compression to Make Rock Guitars Stay out of the Vocal's WayHowtousesidechaincompressionpreview400
    Choices, choices. Should you put the guitar upfront, like the egomaniacal guitarist you are, or should you actually put the vocal in the forefront, where it actually belongs. Such difficult decisions in the life of a mixing engineer. *sigh* But what if! Oh, you wish upon a star and ask, could I do both? Really?Read More…
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    The Good, Bad & the Ugly About Audio EditingPreview
    Audio editing makes me yawn. The thought of it evokes feelings of tediousness and boredom. Audio editing makes me think of menial and repetitive tasks that take away from the creative aspects of audio production. Perhaps you might think that way too? But we would both be wrong.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: 10 Quick Editing TipsPreview
    Usually, editing is overlooked as a part of audio production. It's not that engineers don't know what it is, it's just that it's looked at the same way a chef would look at doing the dishes. It's boring. It's tedious and tiresome to go through each and every track to spot the glitches, pops and abnormal volume changes. That said, here are some effective editing tips you can keep in mind the next time you finished recording and are deciding to dive into the mixing phase.Read More…