Bill Hodak
Bill’s background spans 13 years of experience in technical and strategic roles at software and Internet companies. Bill is currently the Director of Product at New Relic, a SaaS-based application performance management company. Earlier in his career, Bill designed and managed complex database management systems in the digital music industry and was part of the entrepreneurial team that created the first online digital music subscription service, Rhapsody. After Rhapsody, Bill joined Oracle as a product manager and was responsible for launching Oracle's initial cloud computing initiatives on Amazon Web Services. Bill went on to work at VMware, where he was part of the team that launched the first version of vFabric Data Director. Follow Bill on Twitter
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    Troubleshooting Ruby Performance ProblemsRuby performance troubleshooting
    In this video tutorial from New Relic, you'll see a full performance troubleshooting cycle from problem identification and diagnosis, to fixing the problem code, and then testing the optimized code and verifying the performance improvements. You will learn the fastest way to identify when your Ruby app is suffering from performance problems, how to narrow down your troubleshooting to the specific app component that is the source of the problem, and then seeing into that component to find exactly which code is causing your app to slow down and why.Read More…