Bernd Hacker
I'm a 23 year old computer science student from Germany. Currently I'm working on a Java GUI for my final year project although I actually prefer working with Silverlight and especially Blend. I like designing and programming because it's great to see that you have managed to develop something completely by yourself from scratch to finish.
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    Create a Wallview for Images with Silverlight: CodePreview
    Welcome to the second part of creating an iTunes-inspired Wallview. In this part we are going to write the whole code in C# for the two UserControls that we created with Expression Blend in the previous tutorial. Read More…
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    Create a Wallview for Images with Silverlight: DesignPreview
    As the title states, we're going to create a Wallview inspired by iTunes. This tutorial is split up into two parts - one for the design in Blend and the other one for the code behind in Visual Studio. Read More…