Ben Miller
Ben is a co-founder of and gets to invent cool new cloud computing services during his day job. For entertainment he explores hobby electronics and all things blinky and technical. He blogs about his adventures at With a background in education and technology he enjoys any chance to share what he has learned.
  • Computer Skills
    Installing OpenWRT on a Raspberry Pi as a New Home FirewallRapi400
    OpenWRT is an active and vibrant home firewall project that was born on the Linksys WRT54G line of home routers. It has grown and expanded to support an amazing array of old and new hardware alike. The list of compatible hardware is large enough to require its own index. With the recent interest in the Raspberry Pi there is of course is an OpenWRT build for it as well. In this tutorial I will show you how to install OpenWRT on a Raspberry Pi, add a second network interface, and replace your home firewall with your new OpenWRT firewall.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    How to Use a Breadboard and Build a LED CircuitBreadboardpreview
    A breadboard is a great tool for quickly testing out a prototype circuit or hooking up a quick experiment. Breadboarding is an important step in testing out ideas or learning how things work. When I first started tinkering with electronics I discovered that everyone assumed that I would know how to use a breadboard. I wasted quite a bit of time wondering what I did wrong or if my Arduino was broken before I figured things out. This tutorial is for those who are just getting started and want to brush up on the basics before diving in. In this tutorial I will explain the basics of how a breadboard is laid out and and offer some tips on how to keep things manageable as your creation or experiment grows on your workbench.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    How to Open Your Garage Door With RFIDRfid400
    Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, is an exciting technology that has gained popularity in recent years.  It creates the ability to tag something with a very small passive chip that then allows remote reading of the information on that chip.  RFID tags are commonly used for security door swipe cards, identification for lost pets, and more recently near field communication in smartphones.   In this tutorial I’ll explain a few basics about how RFID works, describe some different types of RFID, and show how you could build an RFID garage door opener.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    How to Read Temperatures With ArduinoArduino temp 400
    Reading the temperature with an Arduino is an extremely useful function. It's the sort of function that is essential in many projects ranging from building your own home thermostat to creating a weather station. In addition it's simple enough to be implemented in a few minutes with any Arduino and just two simple components. In this tutorial, I will show you how to use an Arduino to read temperature from a thermistor and print it on the serial port.  A thermistor is a simple electronic component that changes resistance based on the temperature. This tutorial focuses on the simplest and least expensive means for reading temperature. Along the way you will learn a simple, core building block of electronics that enables you to explore a whole world of sensors with your Arduino.Read More…