Belinda Graham
I'm meant to be a freelance writer, but I have much more fun playing with my three kids and earning a few $$$ crafting instead. I live on the coast in beautiful Australia and love nothing more than prettying up my space with some handmade touches and making life fun, happy and creative for my family.
  • Crafts & DIY
    Quick Tip: How to Make Wall StencilsFinal retina preview wall stencil
    There are endless things you can do to walls with paint - stencilling is one of them. One with endless options itself. If you can't find what you're looking for in stores, it's not too hard to make yourself. In this tutorial you'll learn how to make a simple polka dot stencil and create a confetti-look wall. Click through for the how-to.Read More…
  • Crafts & DIY
    Quick Tip: Make a Gorgeous Sequinned FramePreview3
    Give a simple picture frame a sparkly makeover with some sequins and a hot-glue gun. It'll add interest, texture and depth to the usual 2D gallery wall. Add an origami heart to the centre of the frame and you've got a lovely decoration for Valentine's Day.Read More…
  • Crafts & DIY
    Give a Boring Lampshade a Brand New LookEmbroidered lampshade 1 preview
    There is nothing wrong with simple - simple is good. In fact, I do simple well. But sometimes simple can get boring. Like when you buy a simple plain white lampshade to pair with a simple plain-coloured lampbase. It's fine, but it could be better. I felt a handmade touch was in order to give it a little texture, colour and interest. Paint for the base (Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic Spraypaint in Silver followed by Rust-Oleum Glitter in Gold) and an embroidered pattern for the shade. Any pattern would do - draw your own freehand or print one off from online. Either way, here is how to transfer that pattern to your lampshade, complete with a slight detour of style in the middle of the tutorial (hey, I'm just being realistic - not every craft works out how you imagined and sometimes you need to improvise!)Read More…
  • Crafts & DIY
    Give Your Rug a Stunning Stencilled MakeoverDiy%20painted%20rug%20preview%20pic
    There are patterned rugs. And then there are customised patterned rugs in any colour or style you desire. Like the sound of the last one? It's easy enough to DIY - either give a new one your own stamp or revamp an old plain-coloured one. Either way you'll need some fabric paint, a few hours and some contact paper. I went with a diamond pattern because it's effective but simple enough to do. But there are plenty more options - try diagonal stripes, a Moorish pattern, stars, a grid, large spots or leaves. By repeating a simple shape and colouring in the negative you can create quite the striking piece of floor art. And in any colour you wish to mix up. These instructions are specifically for the diamond pattern in the image, but you can adapt for more elaborate patterns.Read More…
  • Crafts & DIY
    How to Make Freezer Paper StencilsFreezer paper stencil preview
    Sometimes, no matter how hard you look, you just can't find what you're looking for. It might be a motif in a particular colour, a particular word on a particular item, or maybe you just have a better idea for a T-shirt that you haven't seen yet. Enter freezer paper. With it, you're able to create any word/shape/picture you desire (and are willing to cut out with a scalpel!) which allows you to transform simple library bags, kids T-shirts, all those plain-coloured napkins, pillowcases and cushions with paint and patience. And not even that much patience - it doesn't take too long at all. Here's how to DIY.Read More…