Bart Jacobs
Bart Jacobs runs Code Foundry, a mobile and web development company based in Belgium and writes about iOS development on his blog. Bart is also the mobile editor of Tuts+.
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    Creating a Game with Bonjour - Networking OverviewIos sdk bart bounjour@2x
    Bonjour is a technology that makes the discovery of services very easy. Despite its power and ease of use, it doesn't receive much attention in the Cocoa community. Bonjour works very well with the CocoaAsyncSocket library, an open-source library that provides an Objective-C interface for working with sockets on iOS and OS X. In this series, I will introduce you to Bonjour and the CocoaAsyncSocket library by creating a simple, networked game. Along the way, I will initiate you into the world of networking by discussing the TCP and UDP protocols as well as sockets, streams, and ports!Read More…
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    Streamlining Cocoa Development With CocoaPodsScreen shot 2012 06 06 at 7.25.00 am copy
    CocoaPods is an easy-to-use dependency management tool for iOS and OS X development. Even though CocoaPods is fairly clear and simple to use, I feel that many cocoa developers are reluctant to give it a try. In this tutorial, I will show you how to get started with CocoaPods in less than five minutes.Read More…
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    iOS SDK: Crafting Custom UITableView CellsStock xcode icon@2x copy
    A handful of predefined cell styles have been available to developers since iOS 3. They are convenient and very useful for prototyping, but in many situations you really need a custom solution tailored to the needs of the project you are working on. In this tutorial, I will show you how to customize table view cells by using static and prototype cells, and by subclassing UITableViewCell.Read More…
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    Geofencing with Core LocationPerspective street map
    With the release of iOS 4, the Core Location framework received a significant update by providing support for geofencing. Not only can an application be notified when the device enters or exits a geofence, the operating system also notifies when the application is in the background. This addition to the Core Location framework fits neatly in Apple's endeavor to support multitasking on iOS. This opens up a number of possibilities, such as performing tasks in the background through geofencing and that is exactly what this tutorial is about.Read More…
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    Mobile Analytics with MixpanelPreview 20120307
    Mobile analytics provides a wide range of services to developers. Used with web and mobile analytics, Mixpanel is an established player. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how Mixpanel sets itself apart from its competitors. I will show you how to get started with Mixpanel and how it can help you with customer retention and engagement, two critical aspects in the current mobile landscape.Read More…
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    CocoaLumberjack: Logging on SteroidsIos sdk cocoalumberjack preview2
    Logging is one of the most useful instruments to inspect, understand, and debug iOS and OS X applications. You are probably familiar with the NSLog function provided by the Foundation framework, but have you ever felt the need for something more powerful? CocoaLumberjack is an open source library created and maintained by Robbie Hanson. CocoaLumberjack takes logging to a whole new level, and in this tutorial I will show you how to setup and use CocoaLumberjack in an iOS application.Read More…
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    iOS 6 SDK: Displaying App Store Products In-AppIos sdk app store preview 2
    Have you ever had the need to send a customer from your iOS application to the App Store? Maybe you wanted her to rate your application in the App Store or you just wanted to promote one of your other apps. Prior to iOS 6, the only viable option was to send the customer to the App Store application. In iOS 6, however, Apple introduced the SKStoreProductViewController class, which allows an application to show a product in the App Store without leaving the application. In this quick tip, I will show you how this works.Read More…
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    iOS SDK: Previewing and Opening DocumentsIos sdk opening documents preview
    Sandboxing on iOS makes the platform much more secure and this ultimately benefits every user of the platform. However, because of the strict rules inherent to sandboxing, sharing data between applications is not trivial. An often overlooked class that helps with sharing documents between applications is the UIDocumentInteractionController class. In this quick tip, I will show you how you can use this class to preview documents as well as opening documents in other applications installed on the device.Read More…
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    Working with UIRefreshControlIos6 uirefresh control preview2
    When Loren Brichter introduced the idea of "pull to refresh" in Tweetie 2 a few years ago, it wasn't long before developers started to adopt this ingenious and intuitive concept. Even though Twitter now owns the patent on the "pull to refresh" concept, this hasn't stopped Apple from introducing the UIRefreshControl class in iOS 6. This new UIControl subclass makes it trivial to add a "pull to refresh" control to any table view controller in iOS 6.Read More…
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    Social Framework FundamentalsSocial framework fundamentals sample preview
    Learn how to tap into the power of the Social Framework with this post, taken from Chapter 11 of the Mobiletuts+ book Decoding the iOS 6 SDK!Read More…
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    Where To Go NextPreview image@2x
    You have learned a lot over the past five weeks, grasshopper, and you might even feel a bit overwhelmed at this point. I would like to leave you with some advice and a bunch of resources to keep you on track to become a proficient iOS developer.Read More…
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    iOS 2012: A Year in Review and 2013 PredictionsXcode logo
    Another year has passed and a new year is awaiting us. In this article, I want to revisit 2012 from the perspective of an iOS developer. What were the important events of 2012 and what does 2013 have in store for us?Read More…