Bart Jacobs
Bart Jacobs runs Code Foundry, a mobile and web development company based in Belgium and writes about iOS development on his blog. Bart is also the mobile editor of Tuts+.
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    WWDC 2014 AftermathPreview image@2x
    WWDC is like Christmas for Cocoa developers, and this is certainly true for this year's edition due the scarcity of leaks and rumors leading up to the conference. Even though we're all curious to hear what Apple has in store for everyone loving Apple, the keynote is much more fun when you have no clue what's about to be announced, like this year. If you've seen Tim Cook's keynote, then I'm sure you agree that Apple surpassed everyone's expectations. Let's take a few minutes to summarize what Apple has announced, what it means for developers, and what you can expect later this year.Read More…
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    Having Fun with YOLOKitPreview image@2x
    Enumerating collections in Objective-C is often verbose and clunky. If you're used to Ruby or worked with Underscore or Lo-Dash in JavaScript, then you know there're more elegant solutions. That is exactly what the creators of YOLOKit thought when they created this nifty library. YOLOKit's tagline is Enumerate Foundation delightfully and they mean it.Read More…
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    Core Data from Scratch: Data ModelPreview image@2x
    In the first article of this series, we learned about the Core Data stack, the heart of a Core Data application. We explored the managed object context, the persistent store coordinator, and the managed object model. This article focuses on the data model of a typical Core Data application. We zoom in on Xcode's data model editor and we take a look at entities, attributes, and relationships.Read More…
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    iOS Fundamentals: Frames, Bounds, and CGGeometryPreview image@2x
    Working with CGPoint, CGSize, and CGRect structures isn't difficult if you're used to a language that supports the dot syntax. However, programmatically positioning views or writing drawing code is verbose and can become difficult to read. In this tutorial, I'd like to clear out a few misconceptions about frames and bounds, and introduce you to CGGeometry, a collection of structures, constants, and functions that make working with CGPoint, CGSize, and CGRect that much easier.Read More…
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    Core Data from Scratch: Core Data StackPreview image@2x
    The Core Data framework has been around for many years. It's used in thousands of applications and by millions of people, both on iOS and OS X. Core Data is maintained by Apple and very well documented. In this article, we learn about the Core Data stack, which is at the core of every Core Data application.Read More…
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    Learn iOS SDK Development From Scratch Updated for iOS 7 and Xcode 5Preview image@2x.png
    One of the best places to get started with iOS development is our series on iOS development, Learn iOS SDK Development From Scratch. I'm excited to announce that the series has been updated for iOS 7 and Xcode 5. The articles in this series have been updated to use Xcode 5 and storyboards. If you're considering to get your feet wet with iOS development, then Learn iOS SDK Development From Scratch is a good place to start.Read More…
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    Key-Value Observing with Facebook's KVOControllerPreview image@2x
    If you've ever worked with KVO (Key-Value Observing) in Cocoa, chances are that you've run into various kinds of issues. The API isn't great and forgetting to remove an observer may result in memory leaks or—even worse—crashes. Facebook's KVOController library aims to solve this problem.Read More…
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    Optimizing Application Performance with New Relic for iOS20867
    New Relic has gained name and fame for being the number one solution for monitoring application performance. It tells you what you need to know about your applications to improve performance by reducing response time and increasing application throughput. New Relic Mobile is aimed at mobile applications and in this tutorial I will show you what it can do for your iOS application.Read More…
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    In the Spotlight: David SmithPreview image david smith@2x
    David Smith is an independent software developer focusing primarily on Apple's iOS platform. In today's interview, I talk with David Smith about running a business in the App Store, the importance of income diversification, and the challenges of being an indie developer.Read More…
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    Inspecting iOS Applications with RevealPreview image@2x
    In this article, I'd like to tell you about Reveal, an OS X application created by Itty Bitty Apps that lets you inspect your application's user interface at runtime. Be ready to be amazed.Read More…
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    In the Spotlight: Brian LeRouxPreview image@2x
    The explosive growth of the mobile space has accelerated the search for a robust and viable cross-platform solution. In 2008, shortly after the introduction of the iPhone SDK and after fiddling with Cocoa and Objective-C, Brian LeRoux and his colleagues at Nitobi decided that their time was better spent building a cross-platform solution than building native mobile applications.Read More…
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    Introducing Alcatraz 1.0Preview image@2x
    In this quick tip, I'd like to tell you about Alcatraz, an open-source package manager for Xcode 5. After reading this quick tip, you won't be able to live without it.Read More…