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Bamidele Onibalusi is a freelance writer, blogger, and the founder of; a blog that teaches people how to write for traffic and money. If you want to kick-start your writing career today, make sure you check out his free ebook, The Writer's Handbook: How to Write for Traffic and Money.
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    7 Smart Ways to Use Your Writing to Grow Your Freelance Business7 smart ways use your writing grow your freelance business
    Marketing is integral to the success of any freelancer, and the difference between mediocre freelancers and professional ones is often how smart they are at marketing. As a freelancer, you also need to realize that marketing isn't all about working hard, it is about working smart. The main thing you want is to get paid, and your marketing should only be a means to this; you wouldn't want to spend your time and effort marketing yourself only to have little time for your projects. Writing is one of the simplest ways to market yourself. Some of its major advantages are: Literally anybody can do it. People don't have to see your face, so you have nothing to be afraid of. It doesn't take as much time and resources as other forms of marketing; you only need to know how to type and how to edit, and you're good to go. One thing about writing, though, is that its advantages are its disadvantages, and the fact that it can be done by anyone means you should be smart with your approach. This article will be sharing 7 smart ways you can use your writing to grow your freelance business; some of these tactics will only take a few hours, but they can contribute immensely to your freelance business.Read More…