Avinash Zala M
Avinash started working on PHP/MySQL in the starting of 2008. Right now he is working with leading web development company. He likes to share his knowledge about web development at xpertdevelop.com. Like him on Facebook at Expert Developer and follow him on twitter at XpertDevelopers.
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    Quick Tip: Create A WordPress Global Options PageWordpress global options
    WordPress is a great platform to build customized websites in a very efficient way. WordPress manages all this magic in only 11 database tables. wp_options is one of the tables and it acts as the mind of a WordPress powered website.Read More…
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    The WordPress Theme Files Execution HierarchyWordpress theme hierarchy
    This article will show the WordPress theme file execution hierarchy. In short, we'll look at which files get served up when you load a page in WordPress. You might already know that detail post is served by single.php and detail page is served by page.php, but WordPress will search for different files depending on a variety of factors, so we'll be looking at how this works!Read More…
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    10 Quick Tips: Optimizing & Speeding Up Your WordPress SiteOptimize
    We recently looked at 11 Quick Tips for Securing Your WordPress Site, which included some easy, but essential tips for the security of your WordPress blog. Today, we'll be looking at how to optimize your site to run as fast as it possibly can. So, without further adieu, here are 10 quick tips for optimizing your WordPress site!Read More…
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    11 Quick Tips: Securing Your WordPress SiteSafe
    WordPress is the most used open-source platform nowadays for any type of websites: whether it is blog, CMS or any other custom solution. WordPress is naturally based on PHP (among other languages), so, as a PHP developer I always make sure to cover/apply some tips for WordPress to make secure and speedup the site which I develop. In this WordPress tutorial you will find tips and tricks for securing WordPress and otimizing your WordPress blog. Read More…