Ashley Bennett
A recent college graduate of business school with a specialty in marketing.
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    Idea Validation Strategies to Help You Build Your BusinessIdea validation strategies
    Every freelancer needs to offer a service, test it in the market, get feedback, and shape that service to better serve their audience. It's similar when launching new software or a fresh product. Entrepreneurs need to get their product out there, get their audience working with it, get feedback, test, and pull the results together. You need real, hands-on feedback. This feedback helps you make better business decisions. In this article, we look at the process of idea validation: how to keep it lean, how to get your idea out there, and how to get feedback. This is an effective business approach that will improve your releases and help you build compelling solutions.Read More…
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    6 Professional Certifications for Freelancers 10 professional certifications for freelancers
    Certifications are not just for the employed because they can be equally beneficial for those that are self-employed, such as freelancers. The benefits of getting a certification can include enhanced knowledge, more clients, more authority in the field, and more income. Some creatives do not have certifications available to them, but it is very much an option for programmers, IT professionals, web developers, and graphic designers. Certifications are generally not required by most clients, but some of them will prefer to hire certified professionals because they view them as being more qualified, higher skilled, and more reliable. Here are some of the most useful credentials for freelancers to pursue.Read More…