Ashish Bogawat
I'm a graphic designer, technology enthusiast and gamer. Other than drooling over gadgety goodness on the web and elsewhere, I work as a design consultant and entrepreneur with a focus on web, communication design and learning design.
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    Workshop: Teamup Calendar - CritiqueLogo200
    Last time I did a critique, I suggested that Google Calendar was by far one of the last standing dedicated calendar web apps out there. This time around we look at a probable competitor: Teamup Calendar. Like Google's offering, Teamup Calendar aims for the calendar-based scheduling app domain. Let's see how this web based calendar app stacks up and whether it stands on its own as a viable alternative.Read More…
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    Flash Tips and Best Practices for Designers: DrawingPreview2
    The first time I used Flash was around 13 years ago. It was version 3 and Flash was hailed as the fancy new vector based animation tool that would soon take the web design world by storm. Over the years, Flash has grown into a fully-fledged rich application development tool, packed to the brim with ActionScript goodness. What a lot of people seem to be forgetting though, is how much Flash is still a designer's tool, letting us create artwork and animations the old-fashioned draw-and-move-around way.Read More…
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    Workshop: Google Calendar - CritiqueGooglecalendarpreview
    In this week's critique, Ashish Bogawat gives us a detailed rundown of Google Calendar - specifically, its web-based front end.Read More…
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    Activetuts+ Workshop #6: Checkvist vs Workflowy - CritiqueCheckvist vs workflowy
    In a different approach to our series of critiques, this week Ashish Bogawat compares two similar apps for saving notes and keeping to-do lists: Checkvist and Workflowy. Vote in the poll to let us know which app's design you prefer.Read More…
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    Activetuts+ Workshop #4: Remember The Milk - CritiqueRtm logo
    Continuing our new series of critiques, this week Ashish Bogawat gives us a detailed rundown of a great web-based todo list app: Remember The Milk.Read More…
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    Activetuts+ Workshop #1: NYTimes for Chrome CritiqueChromenytimes
    We're starting a new community project: every week, we'll post a web app or game and ask you all for your feedback on what it gets right, what it gets wrong, and how we could all learn from its design choices. We'll also frequently offer our own thoughts. This week, Ashish Bogawat gives us a rundown of the New York Times's app for Chrome.Read More…
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    UI Design for Developers: IntroductionUi design preview
    Designers vs. developers - it is an argument as old as computers. The truth is, though, neither can live without the other. A brilliant UI design is as worthless without functionality as is the best piece of code with an ugly, unusable frontend. In this first post on UI Basics for developers, I am going to try and lay out some simple ground rules that devs can follow to make sure their apps, templates and prototypes are as beautiful as the code itself - and usable to boot.Read More…
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    Flash Tips and Best Practices for Designers: AnimationPreview
    For designers, a huge part of Flash's appeal lies in its ability to let users add motion and interactivity to just about anything. For most new users, the real Wow! factor comes when they first figure out how to bring things to life using the Flash timeline and ActionScript. Read More…
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    Flash Tips and Best Practices for Designers: Symbols & TextPreview
    For most newbies, the concept of symbols in Flash can be pretty confusing. I've known enough designers who - even after working with Flash for years - are pretty clueless about the best way to use symbols in their work. Let's take a closer look at symbols and text.Read More…